Civil War Veterans Buried In Washington State - Calvary Catholic Cemetery Tacoma

Calvary Catholic Cemetery Tacoma

5212 70th St. West
Tacoma, Pierce County, Washington 98467

At the turn of the century, Tacoma was a thriving city with a growing church community. Just north in Seattle Bishop Edward O'Dea was in the midst of constructing St. James Cathedral and the local church's funds were committed to that project. Meanwhile Tacoma Pioneer Catholic Cemetery was filling up and additional space was necessary, but no funds were available to expand the existing cemetery for Tacoma's Catholic Community.

A group of forward thinking laymen stepped in and obtained permission from the Bishop to form a new Catholic Cemetery Association. In October of 1905, Calvary Cemetery was incorporated. Land adjacent to the Tacoma Pioneer Catholic Cemetery was obtained and lots were sold. Since that time more than 27,000 burials have taken place in Calvary Cemetery and it has grown to be one of the finest Cemeteries in the area.

Calvary Cemetery has its roots deep in Tacoma's history. It was founded by Tacomans. It was built by Tacomans and it continues to be operated by Tacomans. The Association that operates the Cemetery is led by a six member board of directors, who live, work & worship in our community.


Veterans Buried at Calvary Catholic Cemetery Tacoma


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