Civil War Veterans Buried In Washington State - Medical Lake Cemetery

Medical Lake Cemetery

21419 W Thorpe Rd.
Medical Lake, Spokane County, Washington 99022

The land for the Medical Lake Cemetery was donated in 1881 by the Northern Pacific Railroad. It contained 12.7 acres and has been known as the Medical Lake Cemetery since that time. On Jun 13, 1888, before statehood, individuals made the cemetery legal by filing a plotted tract of land with the Spokane County Courthouse, Territory of Washington for the Medical Lake Cemetery.

For years the records for this cemetery were kept by several different businesses. Due to the continued change of ownership, a complete and accurate listing is not available. In the last years a Medical Lake Cemetery Association has been formed and it is trying to recover as many records as possible. There may also be some of the burials removed from Fairview to this cemetery, these records also are unavailable. (Fairview borders on Medical Lake Cemetery.)

It is said that around 1934 all the burials from Deep Creek Cemetery were removed to Medical Lake Cemetery. I found only one or two that reflected that when transcribing. While they may indeed be in here, no mention is made of the transfer in the records.

Veterans Buried at Medical Lake Cemetery


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