Civil War Veterans Buried In Washington State - Mukilteo Pioneer Cemetery

Mukilteo Pioneer Cemetery

513 Webster Street
Mukilteo, Snohomish County, Washington 98275

The  first  known  burial in Mukilteo, of Capt.  Nathaniel B.Fowler, was made in  1873 on the
property of Morris H. Frost.  Frost, who was then still living, may have at that time  informally designated this  part  of his  property  as a cemetery.  However, he later fell into debt and much of his original property  went into receivership.Louis Kossuth Church and his wife
Emma  must have  purchased this land around 1890. either  from Frost or whoever the receiver was.
Louis and  Emma  had originally intended to reserve  part  of their property  for  a cemetery  and went
so  far  as  to have  their  intention notarized on June 5,   1890. Unfortunately, they did not follow
through with the  formality of having the  property  set aside for dedicated use as a cemetery.  The residential area of Mukilteo  grew up around the  property  at 513 Webster Street; by  l9l9 the cemetery was no longer in use.

Veterans Buried at Mukilteo Pioneer Cemetery


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