Civil War Veterans Buried In Washington State - Whittle & Hubbard Meadowview Cemetery

Whittle & Hubbard Meadowview Cemetery

315 Cemetery Rd.
Castle Rock, Cowlitz County, Washington 98611

The Whittle and Hubbard Cemetery is located on Cemetery Road west of Castle Rock just off of Highway 411. The Cemetery is on part of the William Cagle donation land claim purchased by pioneer William Whittle in 1864 from Hannah Cagle Bennett.

Mr. Whittle left some land to his daughter Emma Whittle Makinster and reserved as a graveyard the acre of land that is currently the southwest corner of the cemetery. Emma dedicated to the public small parcels of land in 1905, 1912, and 1929 which carried the boundary east to the road. She sold her 85-acre tract in 1931 to William and Irene Campbell, who immediately sold an area adjoining the Whittle cemetery on the north to Charles Scholz and Frank R. Hubbard, doing business as Scholz and Hubbard Funeral Directors.

Frank and Alice Hubbard eventually sold this tract to Cowlitz County Cemetery District No. 1. The most recent enlargement was in 1980 with the purchase of a wooded tract to the northwest which is the Meadowview section of the cemetery.

Veterans Buried at Whittle & Hubbard Meadowview Cemetery


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