Civil War Veterans Buried In Washington State - Woodlawn Cemetery Deer Park

Woodlawn Cemetery Deer Park

5410 Monroe Rd.
Deer Park, Spokane County, Washington 99006

 Deer Park was officially incorporated 113 years ago on June 24, 1908. Deer Park got its name when railroad surveyors saw deer grazing in the area. It was settled in 1889 when a railroad siding was built for the Spokane Falls & Northern Railway.   

The Woodland Cemetery index lists individuals interred at this cemetery located near Deer Park in Spokane County, Washington. Death dates on the markers range from 1912-2011, and 1843 is the earliest birth date shown. This cemetery held its first meeting of the Woodland Cemetery Association on Mar 16, 1908. A great deal of credit goes to W. H. Short for making it possible. There were 500 shares to start with and Mr. Short held 496.

Veterans Buried at Woodlawn Cemetery Deer Park


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