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Newaukum Hill Cemetery

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Cemetery History:

The Newaukum Hill Cemetery is a small cemetery located in Section 7, Township 13 North, Range 2 West. The cemetery joins the John Thomas property to the north and consists of one acre.

Susan E. Dickerson sold the land to John Bower in 1890; he later sold some land to Corton H. Haskell. Then Corton H. Haskell sold the land to Alick Frank. Documentation shows that 1 acre of land was held out for the cemetery. This one acre of land was mentioned in the sale of land from Alick Frank to Mary Brown in 1911.

One acre of land was set aside by John Bower for a cemetery in 1902. This land must have been used for a cemetery before it showed in records at the court house as the earliest burial found was in 1886. There was a community property agreement in 1901 between John Bower and his wife.

There are about twenty-four graves that are marked with only a white cross or with a small square stone with no information on them. These graves are of people that died while they were at a poor farm here in Lewis County. Their remains were brought to the Newaukum Hill Cemetery and buried. There were no records kept as to what their names were.

Directions to the Newaukum Hill Cemetery:

From Interstate 5, take Exit 77. Go west on Highway 6 and take a quick left turn on Riverside Road. Riverside Road starts just past the Southbound onramp to I-5. Riverside Road changes to Newaukum Road and Newaukum Road changes to Shorey Road. This all happens in a short distance. Go 1.1 miles on Riverside, Newaukum, and Shorey Roads and then take a right turn onto Devereese Road. Go up the hill on Devereese Road for 6 tenths of a mile to the Roberts Road-Newaukum Cemetery Road. Take a left turn on Roberts Road and go 3 tenths of a mile to the end of the road. The Newaukum Hill Cemetery is on your right behind the fence.

Veterans Buried at Newaukum Hill Cemetery


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