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Fairfield Cemetery

East Traux Road
Fairfield, Spokane County, Washington 99012

The Fairfield Cemetery was established more than 120 years ago on a five-acre parcel of land two miles east of Fairfield on Truax Road. The property was purchased for use as a cemetery in l896 by early residents, Mr. and Mrs. I.E. Bradshaw, with the first burials at the cemetery beginning in the late 1890s. The early pioneers designed a peaceful and beautiful resting place for many of the ancestors from the area and members of local families. Currently, 85 large Norway Maple trees surround the perimeter of the cemetery providing shade in the summer and a ring of autumn colors in the fall. For over 100 years visitors have been greeted at the entrance of the cemetery by beautiful antique hand-forged wrought iron gates that were restored by members of the community and Fairfield Cemetery Association. They were rededicated at a special Memorial Day Observance at the Fairfield Community Center and reset at the entrance to the Cemetery in the summer of 2011. More than 600 pioneers and residents have been interred at the Fairfield Cemetery since it opened. Among them are over thirty-five Veterans representing the various branches of the military and service in the Civil War, World Wars I and II, Vietnam and Korean Wars, and other conflicts.


Transcribed by Maggie Rail, © Jun 15, 1998, last edited Nov 22, 2016 []. Total records = 590.

Fairfield cemetery is located on Truax Road, 2 miles east of the town of Fairfield WA.

 There is the main section of this cemetery and a poor farm section called the 'Jaeger Lots.' When I first walked this cemetery and transcribed it there were no marked graves in the County Poor Farm section. I also had no digital camera at that time, all had to be written into a notebook.

Note: There are two different Alley areas, one for the main cemetery on the west side and one for the Poor Farm in NW corner.

Jaeger County Lots

The Jaeger Funeral Home of Fairfield used one section of lots during the 1930s for those who died at the 'County Poor Farm' near Spangle, and also for some other burials. There were no markers on the graves in the county poor farm section. It is in the Northwest corner of the Fairfield Cemetery --- 8-9-10-11-12-13 and also the alleys west of lots 9-10-11-12-13-14 (designated A thru F) The Jaeger Alleys A thru F should not to be confused with the main cemetery alleys that border the West side and are designated A Thru L.
Poor farm burials were listed with name, lot number or alley letter, and the space number in the lot or alley. In 1984 a list of 172 names was found in the old Bank of Fairfield basement of burials in the Jaeger Lots. Lots 8 thru 13 have 24 graves in each. The Alley sections A thru F have 8 graves in each. I was able to acquire this list and after a lot of research found dates and other info for many of them.

When I first transcribed this cemetery in 1998 I displayed two separate groups but in this last update I have combined all into one listing which includes additional names and information acquired through much research in addition to the previous reading which included names from the Sexton files back in 1998 when I found no stone. The first transcription was completed on May 15, 1998.

I visited the cemetery again in 2003 and then again on Jun 20, 2004 using my digital camera. I am willing to share my photos for a small fee, if I have one you would like. Those entries with an asterisk * have no marker, or at least I did not find one. This update was completed on Sep 11, 2015. Since then I have added from obits and research.

- Maggie Rail
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