Civil War Veterans Buried In Washington State - Marysville Cemetery

Marysville Cemetery

8801 State Avenue
Marysville, Snohomish County, Washington 98270
(360) 659-5762

Marysville Cemetery was established in the 1880’s by the Pioneers of Marysville. The families in the area started the Cemetery by designating family plots with fences or shrubbery surrounding and defining their ownership. They made sure that there was enough space between each family plot, so that a horse drawn wagon could pass between the plots when delivering the casket to the grave space. It was officially replated in 1931. We are proud of the fact that we have many interesting family monuments of the original founders and settlers of Marysville.

Marysville Cemetert honors our Veterans on Memorial Day and Veterans’ Day by displaying over two hundred American flags that have been donated by the families of Veterans. We host the annual Marysville City Memorial Day Celebration as a way to give back to our community.

Veterans Buried at Marysville Cemetery


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