Civil War Veterans Buried In Washington State - Old Maple Falls Cemetery

Old Maple Falls Cemetery

Cemetery Rd.
Maple Falls, Whatcom County, Washington 98266

Old Maple Falls Cemetery, sometimes called the Cannon Cemetery, consists of 1/5 acre donated by James M. Cannon from his farm, and is located on the south side of Cemetery Road in Maple Falls. The property along and south of this road has been fenced and a driveway has been laid through the cemetery to lots 34 and 35 of the Cascade West development. The remaining portion of Old Maple Falls Cemetery is just inside the fence to the west of the driveway. Most bodies were removed in 1925 when the new Maple Falls Cemetery was formed on Silver Lake Rd., leaving only seven identifiable grave; although others may remain unmarked. There are no know records or source of information about this cemetery.

Veterans Buried at Old Maple Falls Cemetery


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