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Casenave Bernard

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Unit History

  • 2nd California Infantry A

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Casenave Bernard
Full Unit History

Organized: 9 – 12/1861 The Presidio San Francisco, CA / Carson City, NV
Mustered In: 10/2 – 12/31/1861 San Francisco, CA / Carson City, NV
Mustered out: 4/16 – 7/2/1866 The Presidio, San Francisco, CA

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Regimental History


The 2nd was a three year infantry regiment. A truly “western” unit, its period of existence was within California, Nevada, Oregon as well as Washington and Arizona territories.

After being organized and Federally mustered in San Francisco, CA – Co. “F” was created in Carson City, NV – five companies of the 2nd were sent to Oregon and Washington Terr. to relieve regular troops stationed there who had been ordered east. Two additional companies were sent to Santa Barbara, CA.

At the beginning of 1862 the 2nd served in the Humboldt, CA military district. During this period the companies that had been sent to Oregon were returned to California. During this period the unit served on outpost and scouting duty against Native American Indians.

During the summer of 1863 the 2nd was ordered to Ft. Miller located in Fresno County, CA. From there detachments were assigned to various posts in California.

The   arrangement noted above remained in effect until 10/1864 when the regiment was sent back to the Presidio near San Francisco, CA. There, not re-enlisted original members were mustered out while the 2nd, composed of veterans and recruits continued in service. 

In 8/1865 the 2nd was ordered to Arizona, Terr.  There, portions of the regiment were stationed along the San Pedro River, Ft. Grant and Ft. Goodwin. This same period saw other portions of the unit stationed in California at Drum Barracks, Ft. Gaston, Ft. Humboldt and Ft. Yuma.

The 2nd was mustered out at the Presidio San Francisco, CA between mid- April and late June/early July, 1866.

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The 9th U.S. Regular Infantry regiment that served during the American Civil War (ACW), traced its lineage to 1855. At that time it was dispatched to the Pacific Northwest where it in served in the American Indian Wars. It remained in the west throughout The Civil War, garrisoning posts around San Francisco, CA. 

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Soldier History

SOLDIER: (9th)
Inf. Not. Avail.  Age: Inf. Not Avail.
Inf. Not Avail.  Rank: Inf. Not Avail.
Mustered In:
Inf. Not Avail.
Mustered Out: Inf. Not Avail.
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Family History


The birth - to - death biographical profile of Casenave Bernard was created in September, 2022 near the end of the Covid-19 medical pandemic. It contains less depth of detail than many other biographies within this website because military service, pension and other veteran-related files housed in Washington, D.C.'s National Archives were not available. At a later time those documents may be obtained and the data contained therein added to the narrative which follows.
Information pertaining to the life of Casenave Bernard is, at best, sketchy. The fact that he apparently never married, produced no children and left no heirs limits his story even more.

According to one U.S. Census, Mr. Bernard was born in France circa 1841. Based on another census, however, it seems more likely his birth year was 1833/’34. No birth month or specific day/date has been identified.  When he may have immigrated to America is unknown.

By 11/1861 Casenave was living in The Dallas region of Oregon.  There, at Ft. Dallas he enlisted in the U.S. Army’s 2nd California Infantry.

It is surmised that Private Bernard’s tenure in the 2nd was three years. After that, it appears he either transferred to or re-enlisted in the 9th U.S. Regular Infantry.   Military service records will have to be accessed for details on both periods.

As of 1881 Casenave was employed as a cook in King County, WA Terr. The same holds true for 1889 even though homestead records from 3/24/1887 note him having purchased a tract of land located north of there in Snohomish County.

On 9/12/1894 the former soldier applied for and was granted a U.S. Government disability pension based on his periods of Civil War service. Again, without accessing his pension file details of his monthly stipend remain unknown.

Casenave Bernard died on 3/3/1900. Likely his passing was in the Port Angeles region of Clallam County, WA. Burial was/is in that community’s Ocean View Cemetery.

As a footnote, following Mr. Bernard’s death it appears his homestead land was sold to pay off existing debts.

*In The American Civil War Research Database first name appears as Cassware. U.S. disability pension files denote Casenare. Some U.S. Census entries reflect the surname as Burnard.

Posted: 5/4/23


Buried at Ocean View Cemetery GAR Section Clallam Co.
Row: I-2-1

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