Civil War Veterans Buried In Washington State - James Shipley

James H. Shipley

Representing: Union

G.A.R Post

  • John Buford Post #89 Everett, Snohomish Co. WA

Unit History

  • 44th Missouri Volunteer Infantry E

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James  Shipley
Full Unit History

August, 1864
Mustered In: 9/1/64 St. Joseph, MO
Mustered Out: 8/15/65 St. Louis, MO

Regimental History


The 44th, a one year western theater regiment was organized during the month of August, 1864. It rendezvoused at St. Joseph, MO where most of the unit was mustered into Federal service. Before the muster process was completed, however, the regiment was ordered to Rolla, MO in order to intercept the advance of Rebel forces under the command of Confed. Gen. Price.

On 11/6/64 the 44th was ordered to Paducah, KY, where it arrived on the 16th and went into camp Here it remained until the 24th when it was ordered to Nashville, TN.  It was then immediately ordered to join the forces of Union General Schofield at Columbia, TN. It saw first action at Spring Hill, TN and was then engaged at Franklin where it lost 157 killed and wounded. The 44th next moved to Nashville where, after the defeat of the forces of Confed. Gen. Hood at that city, it was engaged in the pursuit of the retreating enemy forces.

January 9, 1865 found the 44th encamped at Eastport, MS. It remained there until early February when it moved to New Orleans, LA. It remained there until 3/11 when it moved to Dauphin Island, AL.

From Dauphin Island the unit moved to Cedar Point and Fish River and, on the 23rd was ordered to Spanish Fort in front of Mobile, AL. After the surrender of that city, the 44th was placed on duty at Montgomery and Tuskegee in Alabama and at Vicksburg in Mississippi. It remained at the latter location until returned to Missouri for final muster and discharge. 

Soldier History

Residence: Inf. Not Avail.   Age: 22.10 yrs.
Enlisted/Enrolled: 8/1/64   Milan, Sullivan co., MO  Rank: Pvt.
Mustered In: Inf. Not Avail.
Mustered Out: 8/15/65 St. Louis, MO
Discharged: 8/15/65 St. Louis, MO
Highest Rank: Pvt.

Family History


  According to available documents, James Shipley was born November 15, 1841 in Holmes County, OH to Amon (b. 1793 PA), a farmer, and Susana (nee Graham born 1802 PA) Shipley. (The 1850 U.S. Census, apparently erroneously, notes his state of birth as being Indiana. The1860 census, also apparently erroneously lists his year of birth as 1842.)

  As best as can be determined, James was one of at least nine, and perhaps ten, Shipley children. His siblings were: Henry (b. 1827 OH), Andrew (b. 1829 OH Note: While Andrew is found in the household during the1850 U.S. Census, his name is not found elsewhere in the family history, so it is not clear if he was a child of Amon and Susana), Martha J. (b. 1834 OH), Solomon (b.1837 OH), Malinda (b. 1838 OH), Ellen (b. 1844 MO). If the birth locations of the Shipley children are correct, the family moved a number of times over the years, eventually ending up in Sullivan County, Missouri by 1860.

  No information is available pertaining to James' childhood, formative or teenaged years. The only personal information to be gleaned from his U.S. military enlistment is that he was twenty two years of age, stood 6'3" tall (an imposing height for the times) and was employed as a farmer. Whether his farming was on his parents place or land of his own is not known.

  The only information of note pertaining to James' period of military service is that he was listed as absent without leave from 12/3/64 until 2/8 or 18/65 at which time he was restored to duty by orders from command headquarters. Whether he was really a.w.o.l.  or merely lost in the paperwork shuffle while sick in the hospital is not clear.  Once returned to duty he was still listed as absent, sick in hospital at Vicksburg, MS. Again, as late as 5/22/65 he was noted as sick in hospital at Montgomery, Alabama.  He did, however, receive an honorable discharge with his company.

  With army life behind him, James resettled in Missouri, but exactly where is not known. The first post war documentation on him is from April, l4, 1867 when, in Unionville, Putnam County, MO he married to Mary Jane Phipps (b. 10/5/42 Clay County, IN). The following year their first child, Susan, was born. The second, Jane, came into the world in 1869. In all, the James and Mary reportedly parented seven children, but the names of only five are documented: Susan (1868), Jane (1869), Nancy Arminda (1871), Mary (1872), James C. (1876) and Alex/Elex G. (1888).

  In 1870 James and family were censused in Union, Putnam County, MO. A decade later they were still in Missouri, but then residing in Sullivan County. A notation from 1886 placed the family in Macon County, Missouri, but moving to Miller County.

  The Shipley's reportedly remained in Miller County, Missouri until sometime in 1894 when they resettled in Oklahoma for a period of eighteen months. From there they may have returned to Missouri for, although the family's whereabouts cannot be documented.  In 1910 they were found in or near the community of Glaze in Miller County, MO. From there they apparently moved to Snohomish County, Washington in 1912. The 1920 census placed them there in the community of Union, a town name that has not been identifiedWhy they made the cross country jump from Missouri to the Puget Sound region of the Pacific Northwest is not known for certain, but is was likely to live with or be near one or more of heir now-adult children.   

  Former Civil War soldier James Shipley died 1/2/22 in Marysville, Snohomish County, WA. Cause of death is not known.  He was buried in the Marysville Cemetery.

  At some point following his soldiering tenure James was granted a U.S. Government disability pension based on ailments or injuries tracing back to the Civil War. At death that pension amounted to a $40 per month stipend. Following James' passing Mary continued to receive a portion of that pension until her death on 1/13/29. She was buried beside James in Marysville.


Buried at Marysville Cemetery
Row: 4
Site: 68 1/2

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Marysville, WA

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