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Henry Clay Bickle

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Henry Bickle
Full Unit History

Organized: Spring, 1863
Mustered In: 12/24/1863
Mustered Out/Surrendered: Ca. 5/26/1865 Jacksonport, AR and other locations.

Regimental History


This Confederate States of America (CSA) cavalry unit was created in the spring of 1863. During its two year tenure it served in the western theater of the American Civil War (ACW).

The history of this regiment is very convoluted and confusing. Originally designated as the 5th Arkansas Cavalry, for a time the organization was known, also, as the 8th Arkansas Cavalry. At some, undocumented, point it was also known as Newton's Regiment Arkansas Cavalry. Later, after being reorganized during the spring of 1864 it was identified as Morgan's Regiment Arkansas Cavalry; Morgan being Colonel Thomas J. Morgan. Exactly when the designation changed, is unknown, but the unit appears to have ended The War as the 2nd Arkansas Cavalry.

Early regimental clashes with Union forces included Helena (7/4/1863), Bayou Fourche/Little Rock (9/10/1863) and Pine Bluff (10/25/1863). The locations named are all within Arkansas.

Following its spring, 1864 reorganization the regiment fought at Poison Spring, AR (4/18). After that conflict the report of General William Lewis Cabell noted the unit killed "at least eighty Negroes." The battle of Mark's Mill followed (4/25).

September, '64 found the unit participating in Confed. Gen. Price's Missouri Raid which spilled over into Arkansas and Kansas. Battles during this period included Westport, Westport, MO (10/23), Kansas City, MO) (10/23) and Marais des Cygnes Linn County, KS (10/25).

1865. The War ended, the 2nd surrendered at Jacksonport, AR and other locations.


Loss numbers not Available.

Soldier History

Residence: Inf. Not Avail.   Age: 15.2 yrs.
Enlisted/Enrolled: 12/15/1863   Rank:   Pvt.
Mustered In: 12/15/1863
Captured: 5/11/1865
Paroled: 6/5/1865 Jacksonport, AR
Highest Rank: Pvt.
Rank At Discharge: Pvt.

Family History

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NOTE: The birth - to - death biographical profile of Henry Bickle was created in June, 2022 during the waning days of the Covid-19 medical pandemic. It contains less depth of detail than many other biographies within this website because military service, pension and other veteran-related files housed in Washington, D.C.'s National Archives were not available. At a later time those documents may be obtained and the data contained therein added to the narrative which follows.

Named after his father, our Henry Clay Bickle was born on 9/18/1848.  The location of his birth was Izard County, AR. It is surmised that the community designation within Izard County was Sylamore as that is where the Bickle family was residing in 1850.

Parenting Henry were, as noted Henry Clay Bickle, Sr. (b. 10/16/1811 Augusta County, VA - d. 8/11/1874 Stone County, AR) and Malinda/Melinda (nee Elliot b. 5/12/1814 Warren County, TN - d. 6/26/1900 Bell County, TX). The Bickles were farmers.

Henry, Sr. and Malinda/Melinda produced at least eleven children. Henry Jr. (Hereafter referred to as Henry) was fifth-born of the ten. His older siblings were: John Bickle (b. 1834), Eliza A. Bickle (b. 1842), Rachael C. Bickle (b. 1844) and James Knox Polk Bickle** (b.5/11/1847 Izard County, AR).  Younger siblings were: Joseph Walker Clay Bickle*** (b. 1850 AR), Sarah Walker Bickle (b. 1850), William Harpole Bickle (b. 1853), Daniel Finley Bickle (b. 1855), Nancy J. Bickle (b. unk.) and Martha Amanda Bickle (b. 1857).

As best as can be determined, Henry and his brother, Joseph, remained on their parents' farm until both enlisted in the Confederate cavalry. Without accessing military records, all that can really be said about the wartime experiences of the two is that both were captured by Union forces, but survived and returned to civilian life.

In 1860 Henry had been residing with his parents in Blue Mountain Stone County, AR. Post-War, it appears that was the community to which he returned  after leaving the military. That is also where, on 8/29/1865, he married. ****

Henry's bride was Lucy Catherine McIntryre. She had been born 9/26/1843 in the state of Tennessee. How, when and where she and Henry met are unknowns. After marrying Lucy and Henry took up farming in Blue Mountain Stone County, AR.

In 1910 Lucy would note to U.S. Census takers that she had given birth to eight children, five of whom were then living.  Seven Bickle children are identified in available documents. They were:  Henry C. Bickle (III) (b. 1867 AR), Rufus J. Bickle (b. 1869 AR), John D. Bickle (b. 1871), William "Will" A. Bickle (b. 1873), Delila Martha Jane Bickle (b. 1875), Nancy "Nan” M.E. Bickle (b. 5/15/1878) and Barney Washington Bickle (b. 1883). Based on U.S. Census data, all were, apparently, birthed in Arkansas.

In 1880 the Bickles were farming in Arkansas. By 1883 they had quitted that state and removed to Washington Territory (WT). What had drawn them to the Puget Sound region of the Pacific Northwest and exactly when they arrived here are unknowns.

In the Northwest the Bickles settled into farming in Thurston County. Communities of residence were Tenino/Tumwater (5/4/1885) and South Bay (1900 & 1910).

Lucy McIntyre Bickle died on 2/9/1919. Details of her death are not available.  The community where she passed was South Bay Thurston County, WA. She was/is buried in in the Odd Fellows Memorial Park and Mausoleum located in Tumwater Thurston County, WA. 

After Lucy's death Henry remained in Thurston County. In 1920 the retired widower was residing in the community of Olympia.

On 9/24/1921 Henry remarried. The new Mrs. Henry C. Bickle was the previously wed Martha Ellen Nelson (nee Hutchinson b. 4/28/1858 Brown County, IN) Martha, like Henry, lived in Olympia.

Henry died on 5/9/1925 in Olympia Thurston County, WA. He was/is buried in the (I.O.O.F.) Odd Fellows Cemetery in Tumwater, WA.

And Martha? She died on 10/7/1932 in Olympia, WA. She was/is buried in Forest Memorial Gardens located in Olympia Thurston County, WA.

 * Name appears in American Civil War Research Database as H.B. BICKLE. The significance of the letter B is unknown.

** During the ACW James Knox Polk Bickle also served in the Confederate States Army. His unit of affiliation is not known. He survived The War and, in later years, resided in California.

***During the ACW Joseph Bickle enlisted on the same day date as did his brother Henry. Both served in the 2nd Arkansas Cavalry's Co. "F". Joseph survived The War.

****At the dawn of the twentieth century Henry would claim that he and wife, Lucy had been wed in 1867.


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Buried at IOOF Cemetery Tumwater

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