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John Henry Bridgeford

Representing: Confederate

Unit History

  • 2nd Missouri Infantry CSA clarks' Regiment
  • 9th Missouri Infantry CSA B

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John Bridgeford
Full Unit History

Organized: 1862
Mustered In: Ca. 11/16/1862
Re-designated: 7/23/1863

Created by Re-designation: 7/23/1863
Mustered In: Inf. Not Aval.
Disbanded/Parolled: 6/7/1865 Alexandria, LA

Regimental History


Clark’s Regiment (also known as the 2nd Missouri Infantry) was a western theater Confederate infantry unit during the American Civil War (ACW). It was formed In Ralls County, MO during November, 1862 by consolidation of the 8th Missouri Infantry with Clarkson's Missouri Cavalry Battalion and Clarkson's Cavalry Battalion (Also known as the Indian Battalion) of Independent Rangers.

 The unit took its name from John Bullock Clark, a veteran of the Confederate Missouri State Guard (MSG) who was placed in command of companies "A", "B", "C" and "H" composed of Missouri men. Companies "D", "E", "G" and "I" contained many recruits from Arkansas. No demographic records have been located for companies "F" and "K".

On 2/7/1863 the regiment moved via steamboat to Day's Bluff, AR. There, it encamped at Ft. Pleasant. 

In June, 1863 Clark's Regiment and the larger organization to which it belonged ranged out from Ft. Pleasant and began a raid to the Mississippi River with the intention of harassing Union Navy shipping. During this period a Federal gunboat and several transport vessels were attacked and damaged. 

July, 1863. After returning to Ft. Pleasant the official designation of Clark's Regiment changed. The organization's new name was the 9th Missouri Infantry. On 9/30/1863 the 9th was reorganized with some of the older companies leaving and new ones coming in. 

Late July, '63 found the 9th constructing fortifications around Little Rock, AR. In early September, 1863 the unit engaged with Federals in that area. Evacuating Little Rock on 9/10/1863 the 9th retreated to Arkadelphia, AR. It then moved to Camp Bragg, in present-day Nevada County, AR before going into winter quarters. 

February, 1864 saw the 9th move into Louisiana where (4/9/1864) it fought the battle of Pleasant Hill. This action, which saw a Confederate attack broken and a disorganized Rebel retreat, cost the 9th between one hundred thirteen (113) and one hundred seventy five (175) casualties. 

Aft4er Pleasant Hill the 9th moved back northward into Arkansas where, at Jenkins Ferry (4/10/1864), the unit suffered fifty two (52) casualties. Jenkins Ferry was the 9th's last major combat action. 

The 9th spent the remainder of the war stationed at various points in Arkansas and Louisiana. On 6/7/1865 survivors of the regiment were surrendered and paroled at Alexandria, LA.

No Loss Numbers Available.

Soldier History

SOLDIER: (Clark's)
Residence: Ralls County, MO   Age: ca. 15.2 yrs.
Enlisted/Enrolled: 7/5/1862 Ralls County, MO   Rank: Pvt.
Mustered In: Inf. Not Avail.
Transferred Out By Unit Re-designation: 7/23/1863
Highest Rank: Pvt.
Rank at Re-designation/Transfer: Pvt.

SOLDIER: (9th)
Residence:  Ralls County, MO   Age:
Transferred In By Re-designation: 7/23/1863   Rank: Pvt.
Captured: 9/11/1863 Little Rock, AR
Paroled/Released/Mustered Out: Inf. Not avail.
Highest Rank: Pvt.
Rank at Parole/Release/Muster Out: Pvt. 

Family History


John Henry Bridgeford was born 4/17/1847. His place of birth has been noted as both Hannibal Marion County, MO and Ralls County, MO.  

Parents of John were Richard Bridgeford (b. 10/14/1814 Woodford, KY - d. 6/28/1880 Pettis Beamon County, MO) and Rachel F. (nee Bird b. 8/8/1825 Lexington Layfette County, KY - d. 4/15/1885 Chicago Cook County, IL) Bridgeford. The Bridgeford family was a farming family. 

As best as can be determined from available U.S. Census data, John was the fifth of at least twelve children born to Richard and Rachel. Older than he were Amanda Bridgeford (b. 1834 or '36 KY), Susan M. Bridgeford (b. 1840/MO), Sarah Frances Bridgeford (b. 1843/MO) and William T. Bridgeford (b. 1845/MO).  His younger siblings were: Abraham Preston Bridgeford (b. 1849/'50/MO), Mary Catherine Bridgeford (b. 1852/MO), Ann "Annie" E. Bridgeford (b. 1856/MO), Oscar Bridgeford (b. 1857/MO), Laura Bridgeford (b. 1859/MO), Thomas Jackson Bridgeford (b. 1864/MO) and Emma L. Bridgeford (b. 1865/MO). 

In 1860 the Richard Bridgeford clan was farming in Lick Creek/Salt River Ralls County, MO. Based on this we can surmise that that was where John Henry was living when, on 7/5/1862 fifteen years and two months of age he entered the army of the Confederate States of America for a period of one year.  

With scant military records available pertaining to Private Bridgeford little is known about much of his supposed one year of service. We do know, however, that just beyond that one year date, on 9/11/1863 he was captured by Federal forces near Little Rock Arkansas. Likely held as a prisoner of war (POW), details of his period of incarceration and ultimate release are not available. 

Not only are details of Private Bridgeford's departure from the Confederate military not available, but after his capture by the Federals he disappears from sight until 1884 when, in Missouri, he married. 

John's bride was Frances Phelps Hixon. Francis had been born on 3/31/1854 in Walworth County, WI.  How, when and where the two had met are questions unanswered. Another question without an answer is exactly when and where the two wed. 

As best as can be determined, during their time together John and Frances produced four children - all sons.  They were: William Forrest Bridgeford (b. 4/17/1886 Cook County, IL), Oscar S. Bridgeford (b. unk.), (where did you get Oscar S?) Barton John Bridgeford (b. 1/13/1890 Jefferson County, KY) and George E. Bridgeford (b. 1892 OR.) (Dose not mention John H b. 4/1/1886) NO IDEA HOW TO FIX CHILDREN SAY JUST SUBJECT TO CHANGE…. I WOULD INCLUDE Barton, John H, Forrest, Oscar S and George Elmer!!! 

Noting where William was born, in April, 1886 the Bridgefords were in Chicago Cook County, IL. What had drawn the family there is not known. Moving on, we do not know where the Bridgefords were residing when Oscar came into the world, (leave out?) but when Barton arrived - 1/1890 - they were in Louisville Kentucky. And George? He was reportedly birthed in Oregon. What had moved the Bridgeford's to and from these places? 

1897 - resides Portland, OR.  Secretary in insurance firm. 

According to John's newspaper obituary, he and his family - or perhaps, initially just he - came to the Seattle King County area of Washington circa 1899. Here, he "organized and became manager of the Pioneer Mutual Fire Insurance Company." As a fire insurance investigator he reportedly travelled along the west coast and even to Hawaii.   

At some undetermined point in time John reportedly resigned from Pioneer to become secretary of the Pacific States Fire Insurance Company in Portland, OR. After that he became secretary of the San Francisco, CA (Insurance) Broker's Exchange. No dates available for either of these changes but, it appears, John was well known in Pacific coast insurance circles.  

Frances Hixon Bridgeford died in Seattle King County, WA on 5/12/1907. Details of her passing at fifty three (53) years of age are not known. She was/is buried in Seattle's Lake View Cemetery located near the north end of that city's Capitol Hill. 

After his wife's death John did not wait long to remarry. Although no specific date is available, it appears that during 1907 he wed to Alice M. Burke. Alice had been born during in 1865 in either Canada or Maine. During their time together John and Alice produced no children. 

In 1910 John and Alice were living in Tacoma, Pierce County, WA. There, John noted his occupation as being "fire insurance agent." 

John Henry Bridgeford died on 12/7/1924. Death came to him not in Tacoma, not in Seattle, but in Portland Multnomah County, OR. Cause of death was cancer of the bladder which had mastisized elsewhere within his body. John had reportedly been dealing with the condition for approximately two years. Notifying authorities of the death at their home located at 657 1/2 Pettygrove Street was his wife, now widow, Alice. John's earthly remains were returned to Seattle where they were/are interred at Lake View Cemetery. 

And Alice? Occupationally she was a teacher. The U.S. Census for 1930 found her living back in Washington State, north of Seattle in the Snohomish County community of Lowell. Now a part of Everett, WA Lowell was, at that time, was a rural entity located on the south eastern edge of the city. 

Alice died on 4/19/1943 in Everett Snohomish County, WA. Her final resting place is not known.  

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Buried at Lake View Cemetery Seattle

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