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Ebenezer Mattlock Broughton

Representing: Union

Unit History

  • 4th Minnesota Infantry H
  • 50th USCT Infantry E

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Ebenezer Broughton
Full Unit History

Organized: Summer/Fall, 1861 Ft. Snelling, Minneapolis, MN
Mustered In: 10/1/1861 Ft. Snelling, Minneapolis, MN
Mustered Out: 7/19/1865 Louisville, KY


Organized: 5/1863 Vicksburg, MS
Mustered In: 5/1/1863 Vicksburg, MS
Renamed: 3/1864


Organized: 3/11/1864 Vicksburg, MS
Mustered In: Inf. Not Avail.
Mustered Out: 3/11/1864

Regimental History


The 4th Minnesota was a three year infantry regiment. Its term of existence was spent in the western theater of the American Civil War (ACW).

Mustered in by companies during the latter months of 1861, various contingents of the unit were placed on garrison duty. The regiment united in 4/1862 and moved to Benton Barracks near St. Louis, MO. It then marched to Corinth, MS and remained there until Rebel forces evacuated the city. It next fought in the battle Iuka, MS (9/19/1862) before returning to Corinth.

1863 found the 4th in the Mississippi battles of Port Gibson (5/1), Raymond (5/12) and Jackson (5/14). It was in the Union advance at Champion's Hill (5/16).

Arriving at Vicksburg, MS the 4th took a position in front of the enemy works. There, during the initial Federal assault (5/22) it remained unsupported until dark.

Upon the surrender of Vicksburg (7/3/1863) the 4th marched into the city with its brass band leading Federal troops. It then became part of the force occupying that city.

January, 1864.  Almost three quarters of the regiment veteranized.  Returning from home furloughs, the men of the 4th joined the Federal movement upon Atlanta, GA. With the capture of that city (7/22), it marched to Savannah and the sea.

1865. The 4th trekked northward through the Carolinas. Then, with the final surrender of Rebel forces it participated in the Washington City Grand Review by leading Union Gen. W.T. Sherman's army.

Final muster came at Louisville, KY on 7/19/1865.

Officers Killed Or Mortally Wounded:  3; Officers Died Of Disease, Accidents, Etc.: 3; Enlisted Men Killed Or Mortally Wounded: 58; Enlisted Men Died Of Disease, Accidents, Etc.: 175.



Loss Numbers Not Available



This three year, infantry regiment was organized 3/1864 from members of the 12th Louisiana Infantry (African Descent). The 12th had been created the previous May.  The 50th’s period of service was within the western theater of the American Civil War (ACW).

Assignments for the 50th included post and garrison duty at Vicksburg, MS as well as in Alabama during the assault and capture of the Rebel forts around Mobile (4/1865).

The shooting war having ended, the 50th moved to New Orleans, LA. Branching out from there it served at various points in the Department of the Gulf until it was mustered out on 3/20/1866.

Loss Numbers Not Available.

Soldier History

SOLDIER: (4th)
Residence: Inf. Not Avail.   Age: 35.0 yrs.
Enlisted/Enrolled: 12/3/1861 Waseca County, MN   Rank: Pvt. 
Mustered In: 12/3/1861 Waseca County, MN
Mustered Out: 7/27/1863
Discharged For Promotion: 7/23/1863 (est.)
Highest Rank: 1st Sgt.
Rank At Discharge: 1st Sgt.

SOLDIER: (12th)
Residence: Inf. Not Avail.     Age: 36.7 yrs.
Enlisted/Enrolled: 7/24/1863 Vicksburg, MS   Rank: 1st Sgt. 
Mustered In: 7/24/1863 Vicksburg, MS
Commissioned: 7/27/1863 Vicksburg, MS
Highest Rank: Capt.
Rank At Transfer: Capt. 

SOLDIER: (50th)
Residence: Inf. Not Avail.   Age: 37.4 yrs. (est.)
Enlisted/Enrolled: Vicksburg, MS   Rank: Sgt.
Mustered In: 3/1864
Resigned Commission: 8/29/1864
Mustered Out: 8/29/1864
Highest Rank: Capt.
Rank At Discharge: Capt.

Family History



NOTE: The birth - to - death biographical profile of Ebenezer Broughton was created in June, 2022 during the waning days of the Covid-19 medical pandemic. It contains less depth of detail than many other biographies within this website because military service, pension and other veteran-related files housed in Washington, D.C.'s National Archives were not available. At a later time those documents may be obtained and the data contained therein added to the narrative which follows.
________________________________________________________________________________________Ebenezer Mattock Broughton was born on 11/24/1826. His place of birth was likely Independent, Lutterworth, Leicester, England*. In 1829 he came to America with his parents and siblings. Departing from Liverpool England, the Broughtons landed in New York, NY on 7/23/1829.

Parenting Ebenezer were Job Broughton (b. 7/15/1791 Staffordshire, England - d. 11/1/1859 Ross County, OH) and Anne (nee Mattock b. 1790 England - d. 3/3/1879 Lake County, OH). It appears that Job, by occupation, was a farmer.

Based on U.S. Census data, Job and Anne produced at least nine children. Of the nine, it appears Ebenezer was the eighth born.  Ebenezer's older sibling were: Richard Broughton (b. 1801 England - d. 1864 Wayne County, MI), John Broughton (b. 1811 England - d. 1890 Lake County, OH), William Broughton (b. 1813 - d. unk.), Joshua Broughton b. 1818 - d. 1901 IN), Sarah/Sally Broughton b. 1821 - d. 1876 MN), Job Jan Broughton (b. 1825 England - d. 1887) and Ely Broughton (b. 1826 - d. unk.). Younger than he was Mary Ann Broughton (b. 104/1829 Canajoharie NY - d. 1/1/1906 Mentor Lake County, OH). It would appear that all except Mary Ann were born in England.

As noted, after arriving in America Job first settled his family in New York. He then moved them westward ultimately reaching Ross County, OH.

There is no information available pertaining to Ebenezer's life from approximately the time his family arrived in America and the U.S. Census of 1860. By 1860, however, he was farming in Clarksburg (PO Deerfield) Ross County, OH. He was also a husband and father.

Husband?  Ebenezer had married on 8/31/1852 in Geauga County, O. His bride was Jane E. Barnes. ** Miss Barnes had been born during 1831 in Ohio.  How, when and where the two had met are unknowns.

Father? During their time together Ebenezer and Jane produced one child.  He was Herbert Barnes Broughton (b. 6/18/1853 or '54 OH).  

Civil conflict spread across America in April, 1861. On 12/3/1861 Ebenezer left his home, wife and young son and joined the U.S. Army. In 1860 he and his family had been farming in Deerfield Ross County, OH, but when he enlisted in the U.S. Arm on 12/3/1861 he did so in Waseca County, MN. As such, it is surmised that between the U.S. Census taking of 1860 and late, 1861 Jane Broughton was no longer in the family fold and Ebenezer had removed from Ohio to Waseca County, MN.

Private Broughton's initial unit of enlistment was the 4th Minnesota Infantry. He remained with that organization until 7/27/1863 when he was discharged for promotion to the rank of a commissioned officer in company "E" of the 12th Louisiana Infantry (African Descent). In 3/1864 the 12th became the 50th US Colored Troops infantry with Ebenezer being the captain of Company "E". Captain Broughton remained with the 12th/50th until resigning his commission on 8/29/1864.

Leaving the military, Ebenezer returned to Waseca County, MN. The following year - 1865 - the family home was noted as being in or near the community of Janesville. In the home at that time was second wife Alwilda as well as son, Herbert.

All that can be documented on wife, Alwilda is that she had been born in Wisconsin during the year 1847. How, when and where the two had met are unknowns. Further, where the two had married and, exactly when they had wed, are other unknowns. As for the latter, however, there are hints that they had wed circa 1865. 

During their years together Ebenezer and Alwilda produced four children. They were: Horace Wilton Broughton (b. 4/12/1866 MN), Flora May Broughton (b. 1867 /'68 MN), Gilbert Guy Broughton (b. 1870 MN) and Ethel Velma Broughton (b. 12/24/1878 MN). And four were alive in 1910.

How long the Broughtons remained in Janesville is not known. For, although in 1870 they were still residing in Waseca County, that year's U.S. Census found them in the community of Waseca. There, Ebenezer was employed as a store clerk.

The Broughtons lived in Waseca Waseca County, WI from at least 1870 through 1885. While there Ebenezer had listed his occupation not only as store clerk (1870), but "machine dealer" (1880). He made no occupational listing in 1885.

By 1895 the Broughtons had departed Wisconsin and were residing in Hennepin County, MN. There, Ebenezer listed his occupation as "stockman."

1900. The dawn of the twentieth century. Where the Broughtons were residing at the time of the new century/decade is not known.

By 1910 the Broughtons had been "found" again. By that year they were residing in Seattle King County, WA. Again, what had drawn them to the shores of Puget Sound in the Pacific Northwest and when, exactly they had arrived here, available documentation does not tell us. Further, all that census tally noted that year in terms of occupation is that Ebenezer had his "own income."

Ebenezer died in King County, WA on 1/23/1911. While the cause of his passing is not known, he was 84 years 2 months old at the time. He died of Mitral Stenosis. Burial was/is in the Mount Pleasant Cemetery located on Seattle's Queen Anne Hill.

On 5/21/1880, while still residing in Minnesota, Ebenezer had applied for and been granted a U.S. Government disability pension based on his days of Civil War soldiering. Without accessing his pension files, however, the financial details of his monthly stipend remain unknown.

Following Ebenezer's death, on 3/15/1911, Alwilda petitioned the U.S. Government to continue receiving at least a portion of her late husband's monthly financial payment. The request was granted, but again, without accessing pension documents the size of her widow's allotment remains an unknown.

At some point in time after Ebenezer's death Alwilda departed the Pacific Northwest and moved back to Hennepin County, MN. She died there on 1/30/1923. She was/is buried in the Lakewood Cemetery located in Minneapolis Hennepin County, MN.

 *The England location given is where Ebenezer was baptized on 12/13/1827. Herein we are surmising that was also where he was born.

** Surname also appears as Barned.


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Buried at Mt Pleasant Cemetery AKA Free Methodist & Seattle IOOF

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