Civil War Veterans Buried In Washington State - William Cleaveland

William H. Cleaveland

Representing: Union
G.A.R. Post: Oliver Morton Post #10 Snohomish, WA

Unit History

  • 1st Maine Cavalry A

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William  Cleaveland
Full Unit History

Organized: 1861
Mustered In: 11/5/61

Regimental History


This twelve company, three- year regiment was organized from the state “at large” and mustered into Federal service in November 1861. However, it did not leave Maine until March, 1862. After that, either in part or as a whole, the 1st saw almost continuous hard service from Middletown and Brandy Station in VA through Frederick, South Mountain, and Antietam in MD.

One indication of the unit’s level of activity is that by 9/12/62 it had gone through nearly 700 mounts. 1863/64 would find the 1st engaged in a laundry list of actions- both well and little known- from Pennsylvania through Virginia.

Total unit casualties in 1864, alone, would run to 295 officers and enlisted men. Its original enlistees discharged, the 1st would finish the war with a mixture of veterans, recruits, and members of the 1st D. C. Cavalry. Final muster was at Petersburg, VA 8/1/65 with arrival back in Augusta on the 9th.

Soldier History

Residence: Lee, Me.   Age: 27.11
Enlisted: 9/24/61 Old Town, ME   Rank: Private
Mustered In: 10-19-61 Augusta, ME
Discharged: 11/25/64 Augusta, ME
Highest Rank: Cpl.

Family History


Born 10/16/34 at Springfield, Me, in the fall of 1861 William A. Cleaveland, at Lee, Me. “lumberman,” joined the U.S. Cavalry. It appears that almost as soon as his unit entered combat Pvt. Cleaveland was in the midst of the action because by mid July, 1862 (estimated date) he had been captured, imprisoned and rejoined his unit.

June, 1863 again found Pvt. Cleaveland in a POW camp at Brandy Station, VA. 1864 started out on a more positive note for Cleaveland, as, at some point before mid year he was promoted to Corporal. That aside, on 7/18/64 his rising military star came to an abrupt halt as, during actions around Snicker’s Ferry (Gap), VA he received a wound which would result in removal of his right arm above the elbow. Cpl. Cleaveland spent the remaining months of Army enlistment in military hospitals.

On 1/16/66 the former Federal Corporal married 14.9 year old New Hampshire born Ellen Darling (4/4/51) in a ceremony in Colebrook located near the far NW corner of that state. The union would produce three children: Charles Addison (5/10/67), George Darling (12/26/75), Julian May (8/16/71), and Lillian Best (8/7/75). In 1910 William and Ellen moved from New Hampshire to the city of Snohomish, Washington. It was here on 12/28/27 that William died at the age of 93.2. Ellen survived her husband by six years. She died 2/7/33.


Buried at Snohomish G.A.R.
Row: 22
Site: 5

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