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William Washington Gray

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  • 2nd Kentucky Regiment A

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William Gray
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On 4/21/12 one William Washington Gray aged 83 (b. ca. 1829) died in Snohomish, Snohomish County, Washington. Burial was in that community's Grand Army Of The Republic cemetery. Based on Mr. Gray's birth and death dates it is possible he served in either the United States or Confederate States military during America's War Between The States.


Two William W. Grays have been found with Civil War military service records. One wore blue. One wore butternut/gray.



Documentation on this William W. Gray's birthdate and parentage is not available. He enlisted on 8/19/61 in Spencer County, Indiana. He served in the 25th Indiana Infantry Co. "K", survived the war and was mustered out of the military on 7/18/65.


William W. Gray of Snohomish was born in Kentucky. Both of his parents were from Kentucky.  At the very least he had post-war ties to Indiana. However, there is no documental evidence tying him to the man who served in the 25th. Finally, his obituary makes no mention of military service.



This William W. Gray was born in 1829 in Morgan County, Kentucky. His parents were from Virginia. He served in the 2nd Battalion Kentucky Mounted Rifles Co. "A". Based on parentage alone, this is not the William W. Gray of Snohomish.


In summation, while there are tantalizing hints that point Snohomish's William W. Gray toward the American Civil War, there is no conclusive evidence of him having served either the north or the south. Unless more compelling facts come to light, we have to conclude that William Washington Gray is not a Civil War veteran.


Buried at Grand Army of the Republic Cemetery Snohomish

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