Civil War Veterans Buried In Washington State - John Hussey

John H. Hussey

Representing: Union
G.A.R. Post: Oliver Morton Post #10 Snohomish, WA

Unit History

  • 1st Minnesota Mounted Rangers H
  • 11th Minnesota Infantry C

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John Hussey
Full Unit History

Organized: on 10/1/62
Mustered Out: 12/7/63


Organized: 8/9/64
Mustered Out: 7/11/65 Ft. Snelling, MN.

Regimental History


A one year regiment, the 1st was thrown into the Sioux uprising which exploded in MN during 8/62. The initial battalion raised was immediately sent to the Minnesota/Dakota frontier and “remained there all winter”… The rest of the regiment was … stationed at “various places within the state.”

By the summer of “63 the “hostiles” had primarily been pushed westward into the Dakota Territories. It was here, during “The Sirocco Campaign” that some, if not all elements of the 1st saw combat with Native Americans. While unit losses were small in the engagements, the Dakota prairie environment- intense summer sun, hot dusty ear, scorching breezes, and alkaline of brackish drinking water-lead (or would lead) to as much or more suffering, sickness and death for soldiers, horses, and mules, as did the fighting.

The 1st began to muster out on 10/20/63. The last company was dismissed in early December. Remnants of the regiment were re-mustered as the 2nd MN Vol. Cav.

11th MN.

This one year regiment was organized during Aug./Sept., 1864 with companies mustered in on various dates. The unit immediately reported to Nashville with elements then distributed throughout Tennessee to guard railroads against guerilla attacks. For some companies the “wearisome” routines of guard, picket and patrol duties were occasionally spiced by chasing guerillas or, as in one instance, the recapture of a stolen heard of 1500 cattle. Early in the summer of 1865 the guerillas surrendered, so on 6/26 the 11th started for home.

Soldier History

Residence: not listed   Age: 21 years
Enlisted on: 10/18/62   Rank: Pvt.
Mustered In: 10/18/62
Mustered Out: 11/24/63
Highest Rank: Pvt.


Residence: not listed   Age: 22.3 yrs.
Enlisted: 8/24/64   Rank: Pvt,
Discharged: 6/26/65 Gallatin, TN
Mustered Out: 7/11/65 Ft Snelling, MN
Highest Rank: Pvt.

Family History


John H. Hussey was born 5/29/41 in Winslow, Kennebec Co., Maine. Between then and 1862 either he and his parents or he alone, moved to Minnesota where, in the fall of 1862 the healthy robust, blue eyed farmer entered the U.S. Army’s 1st MN Mtd.

In April, 1863, while engaged in trench jumping drill at Ft. Ridgley, MN Pvt. Hussey’s horse fell on him severely spraining his right leg. The injury apparently limited the trooper’s future Army duties to that of cook. That summer Hussey participated in an expedition from Ft. Ridgley, west to the Missouri River during which he drank alkali water and suffered from exposure. Later, in October, as a result of these rigors Hussey contracted typhoid and alkali fever. Losing consciousness, he was confined to the hospital at Ft. Smelling. It was here, while still unconscious that he was discharged from the 1st.

In 8/64 John Hussey retuned to Federal service as a private in the 11th MN Inf. On 5/18/65 while on general duty with the 11th at Mitchellville, TN he was standing on a log when his musket, the butt of which was resting on the same log, slipped off and discharged, the ball hitting him in the left wrist.

Following the ending of hostilities in 1865 the 5’9 ½ “ Hussey returned to Mapleton, MN According to a later affidavit, due to his military injuries, “it was 5 or 6 months after his discharge (before) he was able to perform any manual labor on his farm.” On 12/25/80 at Mankato, MN the now 39.6 year-old-former Union Pvt. married 30-11 year old Theodorsia Carlestrom/McFarland (1/27/50). Ms. McFarland had earlier been married to one Charlie Carlestrom who, about 1871, died in Europe after deserting her. Mr. & Mrs. Hussey would successfully bring three children in the world: Fannie B. Hussey (More/Moore) 12/9/82, Anna A Hussey (Hickel/Heckel) 7/15/84, and William Allen Hussey 2/9/89. Two other daughters died in infancy.

By the mid 1800’s John Hussey’s army disease/injuries, particularly varicose veins stemming from the horse accident prompted his application for a government invalid pension. At some point a pension was granted for, at the time of his death, Hussey was receiving $38 per month. The Hussey’s remained in MN until 1900 when they moved to Washington State and settled in the city of Snohomish. Here Mrs. Hussey died on 4/27/07. On 2/21/19 John Hussey died at the age of 78 yrs 8 mos. He was reportedly at the Soldiers Home in Port Orchard, WA at the time of his death. John Hussey was Oliver Morton Post Commander in 1906.


Buried at Grand Army of the Republic Cemetery Snohomish
Row: 6
Site: 2

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