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Malcom Reed

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Malcom Reed
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Malcom Reed

11 Sep 1830
25 Feb 1904 (aged 73)
RitzvilleAdams CountyWashingtonUSA Add to Map

Another Pioneer Called

Malcom Reed, an old and respected citizen, died at his home on College hill on the early morning of Feb. 15, 1904. The deceased was born in Virginia seventy-four years ago and has resided in this county for twenty-seven years a significant part of the time has been engaged in the stock business, was always fairly successful, and had accumulated considerable property. He leaves a wife and two little girls who comprise the family. He was a man of strong convictions and a positive mind. He had little patience with wrongdoers or evil persons, which his long experience upon the western frontier tended to make firmer in his declining days. Death was caused by heart trouble and though Mr. Reed had been gradually failing for some time, his demise came rather unexpectedly. He had seen hard service in the Civil war and his name was on the pension rolls. Few pioneers were better known throughout this part of the northwest.
He has passed into the everlast silence, the mystery, and the peace of death. There remains nothing but to say of him, that he did his part faithfully and well, fair and kind to his deserving fellow man, always making himself and element seemingly vital to the welfare of his community more particularly in the earlier days of this county some twenty-five years ago when it took sturdy, determined men to withstand the depredations of the outlaw and savage who were then in the ascendency in many portions of the unsettled northwest and with whom the stockman had to seriously contend. With him, it is all over, his earthly trials are ended. Goodbye, old friend, may you sleep eternity away in the rest that knows no end.
The funeral will occur Friday, February 26, 1904, at 2 p.m. under the auspices of Ritzville lodge No. 1010 R. & A.M. this city of which the deceased was a member. Services at the First Congregational church, Rev. F. Vernon Jones, the pastor, officiating.

Adams County News Feb. 1904 Courtesy Sue Gardner & gapwork90


Buried at Ritzville Memorial Cemetery

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