Civil War Veterans Buried In Washington State - Edward Klitzke

Edward Klitzke

Representing: Union
G.A.R. Post: Oliver Morton Post #10 Snohomish, WA

Unit History

  • 31st Illinois Infantry K

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Edward Klitzke
Full Unit History

Organized: 9/18/61 Camp Dunlap, Jacksonville, IL
Mustered Out: 7/19/65 Louisville, KY


Regimental History


  Formed during the early months of the war, this 3 year regiment, with less than 2 months drill, found itself in combat at Belmont, MO.  Thereafter, the unit fought its way through major and minor battles in the Western Theater states of TN, MS, AL, and GA.

  On 11/13/64 the 31st reached Atlanta and, with Sherman, began the triumphant “march to the sea” It arrived at Savannah, GA. on 12/10 where it encamped on the rice plantation of one Dr. Owen. January, ’65 found the unit marching again, this time through the Carolinas.

  When, on 3/24/65, it emerged from the swamps, out of the pine forests, “out of the wilderness”, at Goldsborough, NC the men were ragged, dirty, and many of them barefooted.

  May, ’65- the 31st is in Richmond/Alexandria, VA and on to Washington for the Grand Review. Soon after it was moved to Louisville, KY for provost-guard duty and, final muster.

Soldier History

Residence: not listed   Age: 28/29 yrs.
Enlisted: 10/18/64   Rank: Private.
Mustered In: 10/18/64
Discharged: 7/19/65 Louisville, KY
Highest Rank: Pvt.

Family History


  Carl Edward Herinrich Klitzke was born in Germany to Carl Ferdinand Klitzke and Phelephina Dilbemiea Augusta Braun.  The year was most likely 1835.  In the fall of 1864, now in America, “Edward” is drafted into the U.S. Army at Chicago, IL.   At this time his surname is noted as “Klisker”. 

Before long Edward is “marching to the sea” with Sherman.  It is on or about 12/26/64 while on duty at Savannah, GA that Pvt. Klisker was disabled by rheumatism that was to haunt him in later life.

  Retuning to Illinois, on 12/4/65, Edward wed Maria Fredaricka Caroline Kuster (b.d. 5/27/47). Edward and Mary were to sire 8 children- Reinhold (1/12/68), Charles (6/23/69),  Paulina (2/24/77), Fred (1/29/79),  Louisa (?/24/81), Frank (1/13/82), Anna (11/?/88), and  Maria (2/24/90) - and adopted a 9th Helen (8/25/98).

  In 1899 the Klitzkes’ moved to Snohomish, WA, settling at “Red Crossing”.  It was there, at home that Edward died 7/24/13. He was 78/79 years of age.  Buried next to Edward are his wife (d. 10/12/27), eldest son (d. 1951) and youngest biological daughter, Marie (d 11/6/02).  


Buried at Grand Army of the Republic Cemetery Snohomish
Row: 9
Site: 2

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