Civil War Veterans Buried In Washington State - David Miller

David R. Miller

Representing: Union

G.A.R Post

  • John Buford Post #89 Everett, Snohomish Co. WA

Unit History

  • 138th Indiana Infantry I

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David Miller
Full Unit History

Organized: 5/27/64 Indianapolis, IN
Mustered Out: 9/22/64 Indianapolis, IN

Regimental History



  As the important Union campaigns of 1864 drew near the call went out for states to form “100 day” regiments which would primarily be utilized in guard and garrison roles thereby freeing up seasoned troops for active fieldwork.  The 138th was one of eight such units organized in Indiana.

   Leaving the state for Nashville & Chattanooga, Tennessee & Alabama, and Memphis and Charleston railroads, all of which were important communication and supply lines for Union Gen. William T. Sherman.

   The regiment was engaged in such duties throughout its existence which, like most other 100-day units, lasted beyond the original period of enlistment.  Losses: 8 enlisted men died from disease/accidents. 1 enlisted man deserted. 

Soldier History

Residence: Huntington Co., IN   Age: 19.4 yrs.
Enrolled: 5/6/64 Huntington Co., IN
Mustered In: 5/27/64 Indianapolis, IN   Rank: Pvt.
Mustered Out: 9/22/64 Indianapolis, IN
Highest Rank: Pvt.

Family History




NOTE: The original birth – to – death biographical profile of David Miller was created during the early years of the

Civil War Veterans Buried In Washington State project. As a result, it was limited in both size of presentation and in terms of available research resources.

The biography which follows was written in April, 2019. While more lengthy than its predecessor, it still lacks the depth of more recent additions to this website which draw heavily upon veteran-related military, pension and other documents housed in the National Archives in Washington, D.C.


  David R. Miller was born1/6/45 in Stark Co., Ohio. His parents were Samuel S. (b. 1816 PA) and Rochelle (nee Bonebrook/Bonebrake b. 6/3/14 Stark Co., OH) Miller.  The Millers were a farm family. 

As best as can be determined from available documentation, David was the third of three Miller children. Older than he were Brothers William A. (b. 1839 OH) and Washington (b. 1844 OH).

By 1860 the Millers had quitted Ohio and were farming in Indiana. Their community of residence was Clear Creek located in Huntington Co.

 In the spring of 1964 5’9” teenaged farm boy David entered the U.S. Army.  His brief tenure as a private soldier was short. It also appears to have been benign. 

 With military service behind him, David returned to Huntington Co.  There, on 12/11/69 he married Amanda J. Kitt/Kett (b. 1850 IN). In 1870 the young couple was farming in or near Clear Creek Huntington Co., IN

David and Amanda produced two children. Those children were:  Cora A. (b. 9/22/70 IN) and Emmet A. (2/19/ 74 IN). 

 By 1880 the Millers had departed Huntington Co., and were residing in Rome City Noble Co., IN. There David noted his occupation as being a “travelling salesman.”
The U.S. Census for 1890 was mostly destroyed by fire, so we do not know where the Millers were residing during that year. A decade later, however, in 1900, they were living in Black Rock Lawrence Co., AR. David’s occupation was then listed as “carpenter.”

 In 1906 the Millers departed Arkansas and moved to Everett Snohomish Co., WA.  Most likely this final move was made to be near son Emmet and his family who lived in Everett. In fact, in 1910 David and Amanda were living “next door” to Emmet. That same year David listed his occupation as “real estate agent.” 

  Farmer, citizen soldier, travelling salesman, carpenter and real estate agent David R. Miller died in Everett on 3/23/16.  Cause of death: Cancer of bladder and rectum.  At passing he was receiving an $18 per month U.S. Government disability pension based on ailments which traced back to his Civil War service.  Burial was/is in the Grand Army Of The Republic (G.A.R.) Cemetery located in Snohomish, Snohomish Co., WA

After her husband’s death Amanda remained in Snohomish County. She died 2/4/19 .At the time of her passing she was residing in the Hartford District of Snohomish.  She was receiving $25 of David’s pension per month from the government. She was/is buried beside David in the G.A.R. Cemetery.


Buried at Grand Army of the Republic Cemetery Snohomish
Row: GAR
Site: Mausoleum

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