Civil War Veterans Buried In Washington State - Elisha Nye

Elisha Nye

Representing: Union

G.A.R Post

  • Oliver Morton Post #10 Snohomish, Snohomish Co. WA

Unit History

  • 1st Minnesota Heavy Artillery L

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Elisha Nye
Full Unit History

Organized: 9/1/64
Mustered Out: 6/9/65

Regimental History



* Note: This is the same regiment and company as Eli Hewitt Row, 2, Site 1 Grand Army Of The Republic (G.A.R.) Cemetery in Snohomish, Snohomish Co., WA.

   The 1st Minnesota Heavy Artillery, a 12 company, one year unit, was organized during the summer of 1864, mustered in by companies, and ordered to the fortifications around Chattanooga, Tennessee that winter as it was thought Confederate Gen. Hood would try and recapture the city. 

   The regiment remained at Chattanooga until mustered out by companies June through September, 1865.

Soldier History

Residence: Not listed   Age: 38 yrs.
Enrolled: 2/8/65 St. Paul, MN   Rank: Pvt.
Discharged: 9/27/65 Nashville, TN
Highest Rank: Pvt.

Family History


The original birth – to – death biographical profile of Elisha Nye was created during the early years of the Civil War Veterans Buried In Washington State project. As a result it was limited in both size and by the availability of research resources.

The biography which follows was written in May, 2019. While it contains more details than its predecessor it lacks the depth and detail of more recent additions to this website which draw heavily upon veteran-related military, pension and other documents housed in the National Archives in Washington, D.C.


  Elisha Nye was born 8/11/23 in Cayuga County near Albany, New York.  Beyond the fact that both of his parents were born in the United States, no information is available regarding his birth family.

No census data pertaining to Elisha has been located for either 1830 or 1840. At the time of the 1850 U.S. Census, however he was residing in Bloomfield Oakland Co., MI working on the farm of one Benjamin Shorley. Further, he was married.

One thing we know about Elisha’s bride is that her name was Emily. Another is that she was born ca. 1831 in the state of New York.

By 1856 Elisha and Emily had quitted Michigan and were residing in Marion Linn Co., IA. Further, they had two daughters: Pam (b. 1851) and Eunice H. (b. 1854 MI).

 Although it is not documented sometime between 1856   and ear/y 1858 tragedy appears to have beset the Nye family.
Emily disappears and she likely dies.

On 12/26/58 in Springville, Brown Township, Linn Co., IA Elisha remarried. The second Mrs. Nye was Levina (the name received many mis-spellings in census tallies) Holeman/Holman. Likely Holeman/Holman was Levina’s surname from a prior marriage because it appears she brought a daughter – May J. Holeman/Holman (b. ca. 1851) into her relationship with Elisha. 

The U.S. Census for 1860 found Elisha, Levina, children Pam, Eunice and May Holeman in Springville Linn Co., IA. Elisha’s occupation at that time was listed as “blacksmith.”

In 1864 a child was born to Elisha and Levina. This was a son they named Andrew.  Andy was born in Carver Co., MN, so it appears likely that was where the Nyes were then residing.

 On 2/8/65 as America’s civil war ground towards an end, Elisha enlisted in the U.S. Army. The fact that he enlisted in a Minnesota artillery unit in St. Paul, MN lends further credence to the theory  that, by  1865, the Nyes were then living in that state.

 While information has been scarce on Elisha’s life up to this point, it is equally scant on the 5’9” artilleryman’s period of military service.  The only incident documented reads as follows: “8/31/65 absent, confined in post-prison, Chattanooga, TN since 8/18/65.”

  After separation from the Army Elisha appears to have returned to Minnesota. The U.S. Census for 1870 found he, Levina, Eunice and Andy living in Victor located in Wright Co., As the decade of the 70s opened Elisha noted that he was, by this time, a farmer.

1880. Another decade. Another census. The Nye’s were still farming in Minnesota, but now they were in Green Prairie located in Morrison County. 

 In 1890 when the now “white haired” vet applied for a U.S. Government disability pension based on aches and ailments which traced back to Elisha’s days of Civil War soldiering the Nyes were still in Green Prairie. Alleged service-related ailments included “gravel in the bladder, kidney problems, rheumatism, and piles.” A pension was, at some point, granted as at the time of his death, Elisha was receiving an $8 per month stipend. 

Exactly when Elisha moved to the Puget Sound area of western Washington Territory/State is not clear. It appears, however, that Levina was no longer in his life picture when the move was made. Her fate is not known.

  As for the why of the move, likely it was to be near or reside with his adult daughter, Eunice, now Mrs. George W. Head.  It was in her Snohomish, Snohomish County home on Glen Street that Elisha died on 3/21/96 according to the Military Tombstone request and Snohomish Co. Death Records after an illness of four weeks.  Besides his daughter he was survived by son Andy residing in Minnesota.

The 72.4 year old soldier was/is buried in the Snohomish Grand Army Of The Republic (G.A.R.) Cemetery.


Buried at Grand Army of the Republic Cemetery Snohomish
Row: 12
Site: 2

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