Civil War Veterans Buried In Washington State - Elisha Burnham

Elisha Meusa Burnham

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Unit History

  • 6th Wisconsin Light Artillery
Elisha Burnham
Family History

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Elisha Meusa Burnham

23 Jun 1837
Brattleboro, Windham County, Vermont, USA
22 May 1922 (aged 84)
Pullman, Whitman County, Washington, USA
Pullman, Whitman County, Washington, USA
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Elisha Meusa Burnham was the son of Wareham Burnham 1808 and Elsie P Wood.

Elisha moved to New Hampshire at the age of 8, then to Connecticut, and to Ithaca, Richmond, Wisconsin by 1860.

Elisha served in the Civil War. He ennlisted in the Wisconsin 6th Light Artillery Battery on 18 Sep 1861, and was mustered out on 10 Oct 1864.

Elisha married Ella Louisa Kenyon, the daughter of William F Kenyon, and Clarissa Rich, on December 25, 1866 at Albert Lea, Freeborn Minnesota. The couple moved to Pullman, Whitman, Washignton in 1877, where the lived the rest of their lives.

They had four children, Adelbert Rich "Del" 1867, Clara Louise (Clifford Marshal) Burnham 1879, Thomas Edwin 1882, and Monta Menzo 1895.

Although Elisha's obituary indicates he was buried in the Pullman Whelan Cemetery in 1922, no gravestone could be found for him in 2015. There are many unmarked graves, gravestone bases only, and vandalization has occurred.

Buried at Whelan Cemetery

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