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Jonas Bainton

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Jonas Bainton
Full Unit History

Organized: Spring, 1861 Peoria, IL
Mustered In: 5/24 or 26/61 Peoria, IL
Mustered Out: 6/4/64 Springfield, IL
Discharged: Springfield, IL

Regimental History


The 17th Illinois Infantry was a three year, western theater regiment. Formed in Peoria, IL, it was armed at Alton.  Then in late July, moved into Missouri. From there it proceeded to Kentucky. Returning to Missouri, on 10/21/61 the unit helped defeat Rebel forces at Fredericktown.

In February, 1862 the regiment moved to Tennessee and joined the forces of Union Gen. U.S. Grant as the captured forts Henry and Donelson. Later, in April, the 17th was in the thick of the fighting (4/6 - 7) at Pittsburg Landing/Shiloh, TN. During those two days had not the 17th maintained is organization during the wreck and confusion of the 6th the Union victory on the 7th may not have been possible. Still, the victory was not without its price. The 17th had lost 130 killed and wounded.

1863 found the 17th at Vicksburg, MS. After the fall of that city (7/4) the regiment remained there performing garrison duties.

 In May, 1864 the unit returned to Illinois for final muster. A sufficient number of men not having re-enlisted to ensure continuation of the 17th’s unit identity, the remaining veterans and recruits were consolidated with the 8th Illinois Infantry. These troops were finally mustered out t in the spring of 1866.


Officers Killed Or Mortally Wounded: 3; Officers Died Of Disease, Accidents, Etc.: 1; Enlisted Men Killed Or Mortally Wounded:  71; Enlisted Men Died Of Disease, Accidents, Etc.:  71.

Soldier History

Residence: Kingston Peoria Co., IL   Age: 28.3 yrs.
Enlisted/Enrolled: 5/25/61 Joliet, IL   Rank: Pvt.
Mustered In: 5/25/61 Joliet, IL
Discharged for Disability: 7/31/61
Highest Rank: Pvt.
Rank At Discharge: Pvt.

Family History


NOTE: Jonas Bainton's birth - to - death biographical profile was created in September, 2020 during the Covid-19 medical pandemic. It contains less depth and detail when compared with some other biographies which appear on this website because military, pension and other veteran-related documental files housed in Washington, D.C.'s National Archives were not available. Hopefully, on a later date these files can be accessed and the data contained therein add to the narrative which follows.

Jonas Bainton was born 1/30/33. The place of his birth was Bradford Wilshire, England.

Father of Jonas was John Bainton. Both his birth and death dates are unknowns. Also unknown is the name of Jonas' mother or possible siblings. As best as can be determined Jonas immigrated to America in 1856.

The first we learn about Jonas in the U.S. comes from his 5/25/61 enlistment in the U.S. Army. At that time the 5'3", blue eyed, blond haired, light complexioned "coal digger" was residing in Kingston Peoria Co., IL.

Private Bainton's military tenure would prove to be brief. It was so brief, in fact, that in later years when he applied for a U.S. Government disability pension the request was denied because he had not served the requisite ninety days of Federal muster.

An unmarried male, our Private Bainton was mustered into Company "C" of the 17th Illinois Infantry. It appears on 7/31/61 he was charged with desertion, but in later years that charge was removed and Private Bainton was granted a medical disability discharge. Acquisition of his military and medical files will, ultimately, help clarify this matter.

At some point in the mid-1860s Jonas married. His bride was Margareta A. Border. "Margaret" was born around 1836 or '37 in Pennsylvania.

The union of Jonas and Margaret produced six children before Margaret's death in 1887. The Bainton children were: Henry "Harry"(b. 10/1866 IA), Sarah Jane (b. 1867 IA - d. 9/7/81 IA), John (b. 1870 IA), William Edwin (b. 9/26/71 IA) and Mary E. (b. 1878 IA). All name spellings and birth years are subject to error.

As noted by the birth states of the Bainton children, Jonas and Margaret spent their child bearing years in Iowa. During that period they resided in two, or perhaps three, locations: Union Mahaska Co. (1870), Washington Ward 3 Keokuk Co. (1885) and What Cheer Keokuk Co. (1887). Washington Ward and What Cheer may have been the same location. In those locations John's occupation continued to be noted as coal miner or, simply, miner.

Margaret died on 12/31/87 in What Cheer. No details are available pertaining to her passing. She was/is buried near her daughter Sarah Jane in the McFarlan Cemetery What Cheer Keokuk Co., IA.

Following the death of his wife Jonas moved westward to Washington Territory/State. By 1889 he was listed in the city directory of the King County coal mining community of Black Diamond.

Although in 1892 John was living on his own in Black Diamond, by 1900 he was residing in the home of his married son, Harry, his wife and children. The same held true in 1910.

Jonas Bainton died on 1/27/18 in the Black Diamond home of his son. He was aged 84 years, 11 months and 27 days. Cause of death was bronchitis and senility. Notifying authorities of the death was Henry Bainton. Burial was/is in the Black Diamond Cemetery.

 * Mr. Bainton’s first name also appears a Jonah. Herein we adopting Jonas as that is the spelling which appears on his Washington State death certificate.


Buried at Black Diamond Cemetery

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