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Nathaniel P Hoag

Representing: Union

Unit History

  • 118th New York Infantry F

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Nathaniel Hoag
Full Unit History

Organized: Summer, 1862 Plattsburg, NY
Mustered In: 8/18 - 20/62 Plattsburg, NY
Mustered Out: 6/13/65 Richmond, VA

Regimental History


The 118th, a three year, eastern theater infantry organization. Because it was recruited in the New York counties of Clinton, Essex and Warren it was known as the "Adirondack Regiment."

Departing the state on 9/3/62 the unit moved to the defenses of Washington City. It remained there until April, 1863. 

In April, '63 the regiment was ordered to Suffolk, VA. It was present at Antioch Church (8/18-19/1864) and Baker's Crossroads (6/10/1864) then joined Union Gen. Benjamin Butler's campaign against Richmond. Actions during this period included Port Walthall Junction (5/6-7/1864 ), Chester Station (5/10/1864), SWIFT CREEK  (5/9/64), Proctor's Creek (5/12-16/1864) and 2nd battle of Drewry's Bluff (5/16/1864). During the last battle it lost 199 killed, wounded and missing.

On 6/6/64 the 118th fought gallantly at Cold Harbor. During the initial 6/9/64 assault on Petersburg, VA it lost 21 killed and wounded. During the (10/7/64) movement upon Richmond via the Darbytown Road another 111 were felled from the regimental ranks. Time in the trenches before Petersburg, VA followed.

1865. Petersburg fell to Union forces on 4/2/65. Although engaged, the 118th did not suffer any losses, but claimed to have been the first organized infantry troops to enter Richmond. Final muster followed on 6/13 in that latter city.


 Officers Killed Or Mortally Wounded:  6; Officers Died Of Disease, Accidents, Etc.:  3; Enlisted Men Killed Or Mortally Wounded:  93; Enlisted Men Died Of Disease, Accidents, Etc.:188   .

Soldier History

Residence:  Elizabethtown Essex Co., NY   Age: 47.6 yrs.
Enlisted/Enrolled: 8/16/62 Elizabethtown, NY   Rank: Pvt.
Mustered In: 8/16/62 Elizabethtown, NY
Mustered Out: 6/13/65 Richmond, VA
Highest Rank: St.
Rank At Discharge: Sgt.

Family History


NOTE:  The birth - to - death biographical profile of Nathaniel Hoag was created in October, 2020 during the Covid-19 medical pandemic. It features less depth and detail than other biographies within this website because the National Archives in Washington, D.C .were closed rendering military, pension and other veteran-related files unavailable. On a later date these documents will be obtained and the data contained therein added to the narrative which follows.

 Nathaniel P. Hoag was born 1/23/1815. His place of birth was Starksboro Addison County, VT.

Parents of Nathanial were Elijah (b. 1/18/1789 Peru Clinton County, NY – d.1/19/1880) and Lydia (nee Varney b. 9/21/1793 Sandwich Carroll Co. NH - d. 1830 Peru Clinton County, NY) Hoag.

As best as can be determined Nathaniel was Elijah and Lydia's only child. No information is available pertaining to his life until he was forty years of age.

In 1855 Elizabethtown Essex County, NY Nathanial was boarding in the home of David and Elizabeth Judd. His occupation at that time was "wagon maker." Five years later he was still living in Elizabethtown, but with a different family. His occupation was then characterized as being "carriage maker."


On 8/16/62, also in Elizabethtown, Nathaniel enlisted in the U.S. Army infantry at the rank of private. At the age of forty six years and six months he was a relatively “old man” when he became a soldier.  (The average age of an American Civil War soldier was approximately twenty seven years and five months.)  Following the battle of SWIFT CREEK, VA (5/9/64) he was promoted to the non-commissioned officer rank of sergeant.

Without access to his military service records, beyond his rise in rank, we know very little. He was absent from duty, sick, on two occasions. One instance was in Missouri, the second was at Ft. Monroe, Virginia. We know, too, that he survived The War and returned to civilian life.

Where Nathaniel settled after leaving the army is not known. This is the case with many American Civil War veterans. Although he did on 1/26/71 apply for a U.S. Government disability pension based on ailments or other conditions which stemmed back to his days of Civil War soldiering, no state of application is listed. While it does appear a pension stipend was subsequently granted, details on that granting will have to remain unknowns until his pension files are obtained.

Nathaniel is next heard from on 5/1/75. At that time he was residing in Carson Cottonwood County, MN. When he had been drawn there and why are not known. No occupation is listed for the fifty six year old Civil War veteran.

On 4/17/77, in Blue Earth Twp. Faribault Co., MN Nathan married. His bride was the previously wed Jane Betsy (nee Carrington b. 9/7/29 Bristol Ontario County, NY) Baker. Jane brought at least one child, a daughter named Minnie A. Baker (b. ca. 1865) into the marriage. She and Nathanial never produced children of their own.

1880 census takers found Nathanial, Jane and Minnie in the Carson Cottonwood County, MN residence of one Jerusha W. Hatch. On 5/1/85 Nathanial and Jane were still in Carson, but apparently in a home of their own. In neither instance is an occupation noted for Nathaniel.

On 5/1/85 Nathan was alive in Carson Cottonwood County, MN. On 11/24/97 he was dead in Kent King County, WA. We are blind as to what had occurred during the intervening years, what had drawn him (and Jane) to the Puget Sound Region of the Pacific Northwest is unknown. Old age and Pneumonia led to his demise. He was/is buried in the Saar (Pioneer) Cemetery located in Kent King County, WA.

With Nathaniel's passing, on 1/25/98 Jane petitioned the U. S. Government in an effort to try and continue receiving at least a portion of his disability pension. Alas, the request process was never completed. Whatever the reason, Jane died on 2/14/98. She was/is buried beside Nathanial in the Saar Cemetery.


Buried at Saar Pioneer Cemetery

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