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John Edward Pickle

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John Pickle
Family History

John E. Pickle was a Union Soldier in Company B Minnesota Hatch's Independent Battn Cavalry.
He was the husband of #1-Matilda Will and #2-Marilla E. Moorehouse.

John E. Pickle was born in Lower Canada February 9, 1840. At the age of seventeen years he came to Dover, Olmsted County, Minnesota, with his parents. Learned the trade of blacksmith, which he has followed most of the time since. In February, 1861, enlisted at St. Paul, in Company B, independent battalion; was in service on the frontier and honorably discharged at Fort Snelling in June, 1866. On returning he came to his farm on section 29 of Home, where he also has a blacksmith shop. Married in November, 1861, Nancy M. Lee who was born in Jefferson County, New York. Of the seven children born to them only two survive, Dolla A. and Celia A. – "History of the Minnesota Valley, Including the Explorers and Pioneers of Minnesota," by Rev. Edward D. Neill, 1882, Pages 734-735.
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Record Series: Death Records
Collection: Department of Health, Death Index, 1907-1960; 1965-2017
County: Statewide
Da Reference Number: {401C736C-6F53-4B3D-8D85-9D5A1207B9EA}
Image Number: 1518
Document Number: 12
Document Reference Id: 11
First Name: John Edward
Last Name: Pickle
Date Of Death: 18 Jan 1932
Age: 91
Gender: Male
Father Name: Unknown
Mother Name: Unknown
Batch Id: 276572
Batch Locality: Washington, United States
Death Place: College Place, Walla Walla, Washington
Mother Name Gn: Unknown
Spouse Name: Mariella Pickle

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Pickle.-John E. Pickle was born in Canada, Feb. 9, 1840; and died at College Place, Wash., Jan. 19, 1932. He joined the Seventh-day Adventist Church fifty-seven years ago. So far as known, he and his family were the first Seventh-day Adventists in the State of Montana. - Review and Herald, March 3, 1932, 214 (22).

Pickle - John E. Pickle was born in Canada, Feb. 9, 1840. He came to Minnesota when a small boy. He served in the Civil War on the Northwestern Frontier, fighting against the Indians. About 57 years ago he was converted at Golden Gate, Minn., and joined the Seventh-day Adventist church. On account of his wife's health, he moved to Montana in 1881, and they were the first Adventist family in the state, so far as known. Elder J. W. Watt, brother of C. E. Watt, of College Place, came to their home in Bedford, and held a series of meetings. Mrs. Pickle lived 10 years after coming to Montana. Brother Pickle was married twice afterward. His last wife died 3 years ago, since that time he has made his home with his daughter, Mrs. W. D. Emery, of College Place. Of the eight children born, Mrs. Emery is the only one left. Through all the hardships of pioneer life; through many disappointments and troubles, his hope came through triumphant. As a tired warrior, he lay down to rest, awaiting the call of his Master whom he served so faithfully during the many years of his pilgrimage. In the last hour, "when day shall break, and shadows flee," he will come forth in the glad resurrection of the just. W. A. Gosmer - North Pacific Union Gleaner, February 2, 1932, 7.

"Review and Herald" and "North Pacific Union Gleaner" are Seventh-day Adventist Church magazines.
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Marriage of John E. Pickle and Nancy M. Lee was in November 1861 as noted in "History of the Minnesota Valley: Including the Explorers and Pioneers of Minnesota," by Edward Duffield Neill, 1882, page 734. At the time of the printing (1882) it stated, "Of the seven children born to them only two survive, Dolla A. and Celia A."
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Buried at Mount Hope Cemetery

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