Civil War Veterans Buried In Washington State - Mount Adams Cemetery

Mount Adams Cemetery

South 1st Street (Cemetery Road)
Glenwood, Klickitat County, Washington 98619

Mount Adams Cemetery in Klickitat County County was founded in 1880. In 1911 the cemetery was handed to the City of Glenwood.

The Mount Adams Cemetery’s management was under the City of Glenwood until 1928 when Mount Adams Cemetery Association took over after its formation. The association took over the administration until 2010 when the cemetery land was deeded again back to the City of Glenwood.

The Mount Adams Cemetery has incorporated several graves from the local cemeteries. One of the notable relocations of graves is one done by Glenwood Catholic Cemetery in 1994. After relocation, they erected a memorial with a list of names of the deceased whose graves were moved.

Mount Adams Cemetery in Glenwood ranks number 1st out of the two cemeteries in Glenwood City in terms of popularity. Further, it ranks 9th out of 21 cemeteries in Klickitat County County, 37th out of the 230 cemeteries in Washington State, and 2627 in the United States. It is located in Glenwood City at South 1st Street, Glenwood, Washington, 98619.

Services and Information Available at the Mount Adams Cemetery

The Mount Adams Cemetery management makes the following information available to the public:

  • The rules and regulations to govern the Mount Adams Cemetery.
  • The hours when the Mount Adams Cemetery offices are operational.
  • The Mount Adams Cemetery’s history since it became operational and the changes it has undergone to date.
  • The burial records for all the people buried at the Mount Adams Cemetery and the dates they were buried.
  • Information about burials and funerals, such as privileges that may be accorded.

Mount Adams Cemetery in Glenwood has a rich history, with the earliest grave back to 1895. You can learn more about the graves or inquire about visitation by calling the Mount Adams Cemetery at 509-364-3571. You may also visit the Mount Adams Cemetery’s official website for online services.

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Veterans Buried at Mount Adams Cemetery


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