Civil War Veterans Buried In Washington State - King Hill Pioneer Cemetery

King Hill Pioneer Cemetery

Fort Lewis, Pierce County, Washington 98433

Also known as King Hill Indian Cemetery , Old Indian Spence Cemetery

The King Hill Pioneer Cemetery is located within the Fort Lewis Army Reservation. Visitors must secure a pass at the main post gate to gain access to the post.

This cemetery is inside the boundaries of a firing range. It is best that visitors check with "Range Control" before driving near the firing range. In the photo on the cemetery page is a tall dark green flag pole. If the range "is hot" there will be a red pennant flag on that flag pole indicating that there is active firing happening on the range. Civilians are not allowed on the firing ranges when they are active.

Driving directions:
Take I-5 to exit number 120, towards FORT LEWIS/NO. FORT LEWIS.
Merge onto FORT LEWIS exit at the fork in the ramp.
Turn RIGHT at the Fort Lewis Visitor's Center if a visitor's pass is needed.
Continue on through the security gate.
Continue on 41st Division Drive to Stryker Avenue.
Turn left on Stryker Avenue.
Stryker Avenue will change names to East Gate Road.
Follow East Gate Road until just past the range sign for C5A.
Turn right onto 2nd Division Range Road.
Follow this gravel road until you see the sign on the right side of the road for Range 79 (R79).
The cemetery can be accessed by using the range road located at the range sign or travelling to the next road on the right farther on 2nd Division Range Road.
The cemetery is located on the top of the hill in the trees on the west side of the road. There is a gravel access road that is accessible to the cemetery gate.
A photo of the range marker is on the main cemetery page.

Range Control contact information: 253-967-6371 (24 hour contact)

Cemetery contact:
J.C. Matthews
Public Affairs
First Corps
Fort Lewis, WA 98433

Website to request a Visitor's Pass. This site lists the main Ft. Lewis Cemetery but does not have information on the five small pioneer cemeteries including the King Hill Pioneer Cemetery.

Fort Lewis main website and switchboard

Visit the King Hill Pioneer Cemetery Website

Veterans Buried at King Hill Pioneer Cemetery


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