Civil War Veterans Buried In Washington State - Red Men Cemetery

Red Men Cemetery

Discovery Road, between 25th and 27th Streets
Port Townsend, Jefferson County, Washington 98368
360-302-5543 JCGS Office

Information provided by the Jefferson County Genealogical Society


LOCATION: Port Townsend on Discovery Road, between 25th and 27th Streets

From the Jefferson County Courthouse in Port Townsend, go 0.3 miles NNW on Walker Street to the intersection of 19th and Walker Streets. Turn left on 19th Street, go 0.3 miles to San Juan Avenue. Turn right on San Juan Avenue, go 0.3 miles to the intersection of San Juan Avenue and 24th Street. Turn left on 24th Street, go 0.2 miles to Discovery Road. Turn right on Discovery Road, go 0.1 miles. Redmen Cemetery is on your left.

HISTORY: Established by the local lodge of the Improved Order of Redmen (I.O.R.M), a popular fraternal organization of that era with roots extending back to the Revolutionary War. The Redman Lodge closed in 1933 at which time local volunteers took over maintenance of the cemetery. In 2008 interment services offered to those with family buried there or who cannot afford to be buried elsewhere.

OWNER: The Redmen Lodge

SEXTON RECORDS: Patrick McLarney and Felix J McLarney (Jack)

CONTACT PERSON: Available upon request to JCGS.

MAP: An overall map of the cemetery available in the JCGS Library.

COMPILERS: This project could not be completed without the help of many people.

 SOURCE OF INFORMATION: JCGS members compiled an index for the cemetery. This information came from a combination of walking the cemetery and funeral home records.

  • The cemetery was walked, making note of those with markers and any information contained on the markers was entered in the report.
  • The current report combines all the work done in 1985 and 2008.
  • The Sexton Book contains detailed information included in the list. The source for this information is unknown. A copy is held by Jefferson County Historical Society in their collection.

As is true with all compiled records, errors may have occurred. It is suggested that you verify the information.

PHOTOGRAPHS AVAILABLE: If the listing indicates “Photo” this means a photograph of the gravemarker is available AT NOT COST. Contact JCGS and a digital copy will be sent to you via email.



File updated: 19 December 2013

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