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Tilman Hansel Foster

Representing: Confederate

Unit History

  • Alllison's Tennessee Battn. Cavalry CSA B

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Tilman Foster
Full Unit History

Organized:  March, 1863 Alexandria, TN
Surrendered/Mustered Out:  4/26/1865 Durham Station, NC

Regimental History


Allison’s Battalion of Cavalry - a.k.a. Allison’s Cavalry Squadron – was raised and organized during 3/1863 by Colonel R.D. Allison. It consisted of three companies each with approximately one hundred (100) men, most of whom had been recruited from DeKalb and nearby counties.

During the first months of 1863 the battalion actually fought on its home ground being involved in several small battles and skirmishes around Alexandria and Liberty, TN. One of the unit’s first major conflicts was the battle of Chickamauga, GA 9/18 – 20/1863). There, it lost three killed.*

In 1864 the squadron participated in the Atlanta, GA campaign. It was with Confed. Gen. Joseph Wheeler during his summer, 1864 raid through Eastern Tennessee. 

Early, 1865 saw the unit active in the Carolinas. The Battalion/Squadron surrendered in North Carolina during April. At that time it reportedly numbered only about thirty (30) men.

Loss Numbers Not Available

Soldier History


Residence: Inf. Not Avail.   Age: 20.0 yrs.
Enlisted/Enrolled: 3/1/1863   Rank:  Pvt.
Mustered In: 3/1/1863
Surrendered/Mustered Out: Inf. Not Avail.
Discharged: Inf. Not Avail.
Highest Rank: Sgt.
Rank At Discharge:   Sgt.

Family History


Tilman Hansel Foster was born 2/28/1843. The location of his birth was Liberty DeKalb County, TN.

Parenting Tilman were James Franklin Foster (b. 1/10/1809 Spartanburg County, SC – d. 7/20/1885 Cincinnati Washington County, AR) and Sophia (nee Hawkins b. 2/10/1808 TN – di. 6/2/1889 Washington County, AR.

In 1840 the Foster family was in DeKalb County, TN. There, James did not note an occupation. A decade later, in 1850, the clan was in Cameron County, TN. At that time James was employed as a “merchant.” Finally, as of 1860 the family was back in DeKalb County with James employed as a “saddler.”

As best as can be determined, James and Sophia produced at least five children. Of those five, Tilman was third-born. Older than he were Minerva Casiline Foster (b. 4/1838 Liberty DeKalb County, TN d. 1920 AR) and (James Ervin Foster (b. 11/12/1840/TN d. 12/27/1925/OK**). Younger siblings were: Matilda Frances Foster (b. 6/1845 Liberty DeKalb County, TN d. 1920/KY) and Mary Eathalinda Foster (b. 10/21/1849/TN d. 9/9/1933/OR). As can be seen, all of the Foster children were birthed in Tennessee.

Based on available documentation, it appears Tilman resided with his parental family until 1863 when he entered the military service of the Confederate States of America (CSA). As for his period of enlistment, without accessing his military records all we can say about any trials and tribulations he may have faced is that, he dealt or overcame them, rose from the rank of private soldier to that of sergeant - (The promotion appears to have resulted in a transfer from Co. “B” to Co. “A” of the cavalry brigade - and, he survived The War.

Where Tilman returned to civilian society after leaving the military is not known. He has not been located in the U.S. Census of 1870. However, when on, 1/18/1872, he married, he did so in Umatilla (County), OR. What had drawn him to America’s far west coast and when he arrived here are unknowns, although there are hints that the answer to the first question may be homestead land. More on this, later.

Tilman’s bride was Lucinda Rinehart. Lucinda had been born 8/27/1853 in Ohio. How and when she had immigrated to Oregon are unknowns. Another unknown are when, where and how she and Tilman met.

During their years together Tilman and Lucinda produced four children. They were: Roland Sidney Foster (b. 4/8/1874 Weston Umatilla Co., OR d. 6/25/1940/OR), Franklin Foster (b. 1879 OR), Tilman Francis Foster (b. 12/4/1883 OR d. 8/2/1964/OR) and Lucretia C. Foster (b. 3/1895 OR d. 1/24/1962/WA). All but Franklin were alive at the dawn of the twentieth (20th) century.

From at least 1880, if not earlier, until the end of the nineteenth (19th) century, or longer, the Fosters lived and farmed in Oregon. In 1880 they were in or near the Umatilla County community of Blue Mountain. By 1900 they were still in Oregon, but then in Oakland which is located in Douglas County.  As of the latter date son, Thomas and daughter Lucretia were living under their roof.

On 5/7/1888, likely while in one of the previously noted communities, the land office in Morrow (County), OR issued a patent (deed) to Tilman for an unspecified parcel of homestead land. Homestead files will have to be accessed through the National Archives in Washington, D.C. in order to shed more light on this matter.

By 1910 the Fosters had quitted Oregon – exactly when is unknown – and moved northward into Okanogan County located in north central Washington State. There, Tilman and Lucinda, Thomas Francis and Lucretia still living with them, were farming in the community of Omak.

As of 1920 Tilman and Lucinda were still in Okanogan County, but by then were in Omak’s neighboring community of Okanogan. There, they were residing with married daughter Lucretia, her husband - James Cloninger – and the Cloninger’s two young children. By 1920 Tilman was no longer employed.

Tilman H. Foster died during 1923 in Okanogan Okanogan County, WA. Details of the 79 – 80 year old’s passing are not available. He was/is buried in the Spring Coulee Family Cemetery located in Okanogan County, WA. 

And Lucinda?  She died on 7/9/1942 in Okanogan Okanogan County, WA. She, too, was/is buried in the Spring Coulee Family Cemetery with Tilman.

 *Pvts. William Hullet, R.A. Newson and James Jones.
** During the ACW James served with Tilman in Co. “B” of Allison’s Cavalry Battalion. He survived The War.

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Buried at Clover Cemetery

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