Civil War Veterans Buried In Washington State - Albert Jones

Albert Jones

Representing: Union
G.A.R. Post: Oliver Morton Post #10 Snohomish, WA

Unit History

  • 10th Michigan Infantry K

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Albert Jones
Full Unit History

Organized: 2/6/62 Flint, MI
Mustered Out: 7/19/65 Louisville, KY
Discharged: 7/22/65 Jackson, MI

Regimental History



  Composed of colorfully named local companies, this 3-year unit left the state on 4/22/62 and proceeded to Pittsburgh Landing, TN where it was in the presence of the enemy from the moment of its arrival.  It later moved to Alabama and then back to Nashville, TN where it built fortifications, guarded trains and suffered severely from lack of rations.

 1863 found the 10th constantly on the move in AL and TN occupying a number of towns.  It was at Chicamauga Station in the latter state on 9/26.  After “veteranizing” in early 1864 the regiment looked forward to a 30-day furlough, but instead found themselves with orders to advance with the army toward Dalton, GA.

   On 2/25, at Buzzard’s Roost the 10th was pushed forward upon strongly fortified Confederate works where they met a storm of grape and canister that lead to a loss of 13 killed, 35 wounded, and 17 missing.  May found the 10th back in Chattanooga, TN setting out on Union Gen. Sherman’s Atlanta Campaign by way of Dalton and Kenasaw Mtn., GA.

   After the siege of Atlanta the unit “marched to the sea.”  When Savannah fell the regiment remained there until the beginning 1865 and the Campaign of The Carolinas.  During this period they skirmished heavily at Averysboro, N.C. and fought the Battle of Bentonville.  It next moved via Raleigh to the fallen city of Richmond, VA and then on to Washington for the Grand Review.  The unit then started for Louisville, KY and final muster. 

Soldier History

Residence: Forestville, MI   Age: 33.1 yrs.
Enlisted/Mustered In: 8/20/62 Detroit, MI   Rank: Pvt.
Mustered Out/ Discharged: 6/12/65 Washington D.C.
Highest Rank: Pvt.

Family History



  Albert Jones was born 12/24/29 in Ontario, Canada to David D. and Margaret (Rar) Jones.  No other details are available on his birth family or formative years.  While in the U.S. Army Private Jones spent a great deal of time in the hospital.  In Nov. and Dec., ’62 he was reported sick in Nashville. Jan. and Feb., ’63 he was detached service in Hospital #19 in Nashville.  He was listed as “same” to Aug. 31, ’63 after with he returned to duty.

   Pension documents would later note that around 2/25/64 he was disabled while on duty at Buzzard Roost, GA where, as a consequence of exposure and hardships he contracted disease of the liver and spine.  As such by May and Jun. ’64 he was once again absent on detail duty in (the) division hospital.  He appears to have remained there until being mustered out of the service.

   Returning to (Forestville) Michigan after the war Mr. Jones took up farming (most likely his prewar occupation.)  During the early 1870’s he married Sarah Jane Fay.  The couple, who appear to have settled on Albert’s farm located near the shores of Lake Huron, would produce four children: David D. (est. 1872), Albert E. (est. 1874), Clacsy (est. 1880), and Fred F. (est. 1882).  Sarah died 12/3/84 in Forestville.

   In 1893 while residing in Minden, MI the now 64-year-old Civil War vet remarried to 41 year old German born Pauline Ellen Grub (nee Hartel).  The couple moved to Everett, WA, perhaps to be near Albert’s eldest son.  It was there on 6/13/11 the 82-year-old former Union infantry private died of “sclerosis of the liver.” At the time of his death he was receiving a $20 per month government disability pension.  Pauline died the following year and was buried beside her husband.


Buried at Grand Army of the Republic Cemetery Snohomish
Row: 20
Site: 4

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