Civil War Veterans Buried In Washington State - Frank McLelland

Frank McLelland

Representing: Union
G.A.R. Post: Hancock Post #339 Clare, MI

Unit History

  • 16th Michigan Hall's Independent Battalion SharpShooter A
  • 1st Michigan Sharpshooters F

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Frank McLelland
Full Unit History

Organized: 8/27-11/2/64 Marshall, MI
Consolidated: 4/10/65 with 16th Michigan Infantry

Organized: 4/14/-10/7/63 Kalamazoo & Dearborn, MI
Mustered Out: 7/28/65 Washington D.C.

Regimental History

REGIMENTAL HISTORY: (Halls Independent Battalion S.S.)

  After it’s organization Hall’s unit was “attached” to the 16th Michigan Infantry, a regiment that had seen action since 9/61.  By the time Hall’s men joined General Grant’s forces the Army of The Potomac was settled into the siege of Petersburg, VA, a trench-type warfare perfectly suited for the talents of marksmen.

   On 2/7/65 the 16th was engaged with the enemy at Dabney’s M ills and, on 3/25 at Hatcher’s Run, at White Oak Swamp 3/29, at Quaker Road 3/31, and at Five Forks 4/1.  It followed the Confederate Army when Gen Lee retreated from Richmond and frequently came into contact with the enemy until the 4/9 surrender at Appomattox.  The very next day Hall’s unit was “consolidated” into the 16th.

   The 16th subsequently participated in the Grand Review in Washington, was mustered out of service 7/8 in Jeffersonville, IN, then returned to MI where it was paid off and disbanded 7/25/65.



   After organization, one of the first duties for the marksmen of the 1st was to help repel Confed. Gen. Morgan’s cavalry raid into Indiana.  It was then assigned to prison guard duty before joining Gen. U.S. Grant and the Army of the Potomac in their 1864 southward movement which culminated 4/9/65 with the surrender of Confed. Gen. R.E. Lee’s Army of Northern Virginia at Appomattox, VA.

  Following the Grand Review in Washington the sharpshooters went into camp nearby until final muster. 

Soldier History

Residence: Inf. Not Avail.   Age: 17 yrs.
Enlisted/Enrolled: 9/20/64 Coldwater, MI   Rank: Pvt.
Transferred: 3/15/65 to 1ST MI Sharpshooters
Mustered Out: 6/3/65 Delaney House, Washington D.C.
Discharged: 6/65 Detroit, MI
Highest Rank: Pvt.

Family History


   Frank McLelland was most likely born in the year of our Lord 1849. Family says 12/1/1849 in MI. No details are available on his birth family.  Pvt. McLelland’s term of enlistment was one year.  While in the military he received no disciplinary reports, but in March, 1865  he “was sick with a fever and smallpox resulting in disease of the eyes and total deafness of left ear.”  For this he would later be granted a U.S. government disability stipend which amounted to $16 per month at the time of his death.

   The paper trail of Pvt. McLelland’s unit affiliation within the U.S. Army is somewhat difficult to follow.  However, it is very possible that having entered the military as a “sharpshooter” the teenaged warrior wished to retain that distinction but could only do so by departing Hall’s Battalion for the 1st MI Sharp Shooters before Halls’ lost its special identity by being assimilated into the 16th Michigan Infantry.

   Post war personal information on Private McLelland is very limited.  At some point he married.  He and wife Eliza Jane produced three daughters, Idyl, Evelyn, one unidentified, and a son, Winfred.  Frank’s occupation is not known.  In April, 1905 Frank and Eliza moved from Michigan to Snohomish, WA where they set up household at Blackman’s Lake.  Most likely the move was made so they could be near their adult children and grandchildren. 

   Six month later on 10/10/05 Union veteran Frank McLelland died of “neuralgia of the intestines after an illness of less than a week.”  He was survived by his “widow”, three daughters and a son, all of whom were at his bedside when he passed.”  At death he was aged 56 years.  After her husband’s passing Eliza remained in Snohomish.  She died 2/4/32 at the age of 78.  She buried beside her husband.


Buried at Grand Army of the Republic Cemetery Snohomish
Row: 19
Site: 2

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