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Theodore Randall Arey

Theodore Arey
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Theodore Randall Arey

28 Aug 1843
Thomaston, Knox County, Maine, USA
23 Jul 1915 (aged 71)
Port Hadlock, Jefferson County, Washington, USA
Chimacum, Jefferson County, Washington, USA
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Son of Joseph Arey.
Married Frances K. (Boyd) Stone on March 9, 1874.
(She died February 5, 1923, at Port Townsend, WA)

Civil War Veteran. Enlisted 27 Dec 1863 to Co. M; 1st Heavy Arty; Me. Vols. Transferred to Navy 15 May 1864. His Navy postings included the USS Princeton (a receiver or barracks ship), USS St. Mary's which protected Union merchant shipping & looked for Confederate privateers, and USS Cyane which performed much the same duty. It appears his service lasted to 4 Sep 1866. Later in life he would draw an Invalids Pension, Certificate# 38.540

Buried at Greenwood (aka Chimacum) Cemetery Jefferson County

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