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James Coyle

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  • United States Navy
James Coyle
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James Coyle

26 Feb 1893 (aged 59–60)
Aberdeen, Grays Harbor County, Washington, USA
Satsop, Grays Harbor County, Washington, USA
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It is quite possible an individual by the name of James Coyle was interred in this cemetery. Coyle, a 60-year-old Civil War veteran, died of pneumonia in 1893 (Veterans Schedules 1890, Register of Deaths of the City of Aberdeen 1893) and was listed as being buried in the “Satsop Cemetery” in two separate records (Aberdeen Herald 1893, Headstones Provided for Deceased Union Civil War Veterans 1861-1904). However, the cemetery currently known as “Satsop Cemetery” was not established until 1907. The Old Schafer Homestead Cemetery had also been known as the “Satsop Valley Cemetery” and was likely just shortened to “Satsop Cemetery” in the news article. It is unknown if his grave had been moved (possibly to a Veterans cemetery?), as so many of the other memorials in the cemetery had been moved in 1955 (Grays Harbor Genealogy Club 1988, USGenWeb-

From Veterans Schedules 1890:
Coyle: "Unable to work and suffering from miseries of life. Can only work a little when driven to by hunger."

Buried at Old Schafer Homestead Cemetery

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