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John G. Freund

John Freund
Family History

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John G Freund

8 Feb 1898
Seattle, King County, Washington, USA
Memorial ID
from Denise Ottoson:
Per Seattle Death Records, he died Feb 8, 1898 in Ballard, with burial in
Mount Pleasant. His wife, Henrietta Hahn, remarried Carl Stoeckel and died
at Retsil.

It is very unclear whether this is the John G. Freund or a later John Freund who died in Seattle.

His son decided to spell the name as Friend.

John G. Freund
Residence was not listed;
Enlisted on 9/16/1861 as a Musician.
On 9/16/1861 he mustered into Band PA 83rd Infantry
He was discharged on 8/11/1862

Buried at Queen Anne Columbarian AKA Wright Crematory

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