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Albert Sapp

Representing: Union
G.A.R. Post: Oliver Morton Post #10 Snohomish, WA

Unit History

  • 48th Illinois Infantry G

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Albert Sapp
Full Unit History

Organized: 9/1/61 Camp Butler, Springfield, IL
Mustered Out: 8/15/65 Little Rock, AR
Discharged: 8/30/65 Springfield, IL

Regimental History


   This three-year “western theater” regiment first engaged the enemy while performing reconnaissance for Union Gen. U.S. Grant near Columbus, KY in January, 1862.  From there it moved to Ft. Donelson, where it was severely engaged and suffered heavy losses.

   At Shiloh, TN that April the regiment lost over half its strength in killed and wounded.  The siege at Corinth, MS and garrison duty at Bethel carried the 48th into 1863.  Mid ’63 found the unit at Memphis, TN before moving to Vicksburg, MS and on to Jackson with Gen. W.T. Sherman.  At the latter location the 48th lost 45 killed and wounded.

   A transfer to eastern Tennessee took the regiment to the battle of Missionary Ridge then on to the relief of Union Gen. A. Burnside at Knoxville, KY.  Arriving at Scottsboro, AL on 1/1/64 over ninety percent of the campaign weary 48th reenlisted.

   A late month furlough was followed by the Atlanta campaign and marching to the sea with Sherman.  The regiment then marched northward through the Carolinas.  Stops at Washington D.C. and Louisville, KY preceded final muster.

Soldier History

Residence: Mount Carmel or Gards Pt., IL   Age: 15.11 yrs.
Enlisted: 2/12/64 Mt. Carmel, IL   Rank: Pvt.
Mustered In: 3/17/64
Mustered Out: 8/15/65 Little Rock, AR

Family History

Personal/Family History:

   Albert S. Sapp was born 2/22/48 in Amelia, OH, to parents Henry W. and Elizabeth (nee Towner) Sapp.  The second oldest of seven children, Albert was the oldest male of the two boys and five girls.  No information is available on his formative years.

   In February, 1864 the 5’6” teen- aged farm boy, perhaps by lying about his age, entered the U.S. Army.  One month later, in Alabama, private Sapp contracted measles, the results of which would plague him not only throughout his military tenure, but the remainder of his life.  Affidavits by fellow soldier dated during the 18809s/’90s noted in part: “On or about May the 3rd (the) 48th regiment broke camp for the memorable Atlanta Campaign.  (Private Sapp) being hardly able to do duty (because of the measles), but being a good soldier never shirking duty, remained with his regiment…. Marching day to day (causing) him to become unfit for duty (due to) chills, fever…. And yellow jaundice (due to malarial poisoning).  Albert complained to me frequently of being sick and up to time of muster out of service looked bad- pale and swarthy- (because of) measles and exposure.” One additional document notes simply. “Wounded in head (during) action at Dallas, GA 54/27/64.”  Military service behind him, Albert returned to Gards Pt., Illinois.

    In Friendsville, IL ten plus years later on 2/20/76 he married Eliza Newkirk (b. 9/20/56).  The couple would produce six children, four of whom would survive into adulthood: Minnie (1/14/78 or 6/78), Nellie E. (7/4/80), L. Ethel (7/14/84), and L. Ruth (3/21/93). Minnie, Nellie and Ethel were born in Illinois.  Ruth was born in Washington as was son Ralph W. (b. 7/5/90-d. 9/28/91).  Identity of the sixth child, likely born/died in Illinois is not noted. 

   The Sapp family remained in Illinois until March, 1889 when they removed to the Puget Sound region of Washington Territory/State because it was hoped the milder climate would have a positive effect on Albert’s health problems.  They first settled in Seattle, but by 5/93 had moved to the Snohomish Co. community of Machias where Albert operated a grocery store.  Albert S. Sapp continued to struggle with a number of health problems, some stemming from his military service days, but all of which contributed to his death at age 71 yrs., 8 months on 10/26/19 in Providence Hospital, Everett.  Cause of death: Diabetes.  At death he was receiving a $39 per month government pension based on his Civil War soldiering Eliza lived until 4/6/49.  At passing it appears she was receiving $48 per month from her late husband’s pension.  Eliza is buried beside Albert. 


Buried at Grand Army of the Republic Cemetery Snohomish
Row: 21
Site: 1

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