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David L Poole

Representing: Union

G.A.R Post

  • William Hall Post #107 Granite Falls, Snohomish Co. WA

Unit History

  • 1st New York Cavalry K

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David Poole
Full Unit History

Organized: New York, NY Spring, 1861
Mustered In: 7/16 - 8/31/61 New York, NY
Mustered Out: 6/27/65 Alexandria, VA

Regimental History


The 1st, a three year eastern theater regiment, was created in New York City, NY not long after the outbreak of the American Civil War. Nine of the original companies were raised in New York City itself. In terms of the other companies,  "C" was recruited in Philadelphia, PA,   "F" at Syracuse, NY and  "K" at Grand Rapids, MI. Nearly one half of the recruits were either German, Hungarian or Polish. During its four years of service the unit, which was also known as the "Lincoln Cavalry” was stationed near Washington, D.C. in defense of the upper Potomac River region.

The regiment's first engagement with the enemy occurred in August, 1861 at Pohick Church, VA. From that point in time to the surrender of Confed. Gen. Robert E. Lee's Army of Northern Virginia at Appomattox Court House on 4/9/65, the 1st participated in nearly 300 battles and skirmishes.

Some the heaviest regimental casualties were incurred in Virginia during 1864. Actions in that state included Strasburg where it lost 17 killed, wounded and missing;  Winchester, where it lost 63 killed, wounded or missing; New Market  where it lost 99 killed, wounded or missing and at Piedmont where it lost 26 killed, wounded or missing. On a brighter note, it was the boast of the unit that during its period of service it captured more prisoners (over 400) and property than any other Union cavalry regiment.


Officers Killed Or Mortally Wounded: 5; Officers Died Of Disease, Accidents, Etc.: 1; Enlisted Men Killed Or Mortally Wounded: 41; Enlisted Men Died Of Disease, Accidents, Etc.: 119

Soldier History

Residence: Inf. Not Avail.    Age: 25 yrs.
Enlisted/Enrolled: 2/6/64 New York, NY   Rank: Pvt.
Mustered In: 2/6/64 New York, NY
Mustered Out: 6/27/65 Alexandria, VA 
Highest Rank: 2nd Lieut.
Discharge Rank: 2nd Lieut.

Family History


NOTE: The birth - to - death biographical profile which follows was created in April, 2020.  It relies on U.S. Census, newspaper and other available information and data. Because the National Archives in Washington, D.C. was, at the time, closed it does not draw upon military, pension, homestead and other files pertaining to the veteran housed therein. As a result it is not as in-depth and detailed as other postings on this website. Those files will be acquired at a later time.


David L. Poole was born in or near the community of Gouverneur which is located in St. Lawrence Co., New York. His birth year was 1838. No birth date or month is available at the time of this writing.

The father of David was John Poole (b. 1806 Oneida Co., NY- d. 6/6/70 Herman St. Lawrence Co., NY). His mother was Dorcas (nee Congdon/Congden b. 1818 NY - d. 1850 St. Lawrence Co., NY).

Based on available U.S. Census data, David was the second of six Poole children. Older than he was sister  Hannah (b. 1835 NY). Younger siblings were sisters Eliza (b. 1843), Harlow (b. 1844) and Harriett (b. 1845) as well as brother Charles (b. 1847).

In 1850 John and his family were farming in Canton St. Lawrence Co., NY. Interestingly, David is not in the household. With his mother dying that same year, it is possible he was living in the home of one of the other Poole families in the region.

The first we learn of David, himself, comes from the U.S. census of 1860. At that time he was residing on his own  in the community where he was born. His occupation at the time was noted as "laborer."

On 2/6/64 John enlisted in the U.S. Cavalry. The enrollment  occurred in New York City. It is not known if NYC was his place of residence. Likely the enlistment was  spurred by lucrative financial bonuses or "bounties" which were being paid at the time.

Without the availability of his military service records only two facts are known about David's period of service. One is that he was very successful at soldiering as entered the army as a lowly private and exited as a second lieutenant. The other is that he survived the War and was able to return to civilian life.

Exactly where David settled upon his return to civilian life is not known. Likely, though, it was somewhere in New York State because not long after the war he married to New York born Jennie (b. ca. 1846/'47) Fox. The couple's first child, a son they named Charles - middle initial S. - was born in New York during 1868. Jennie and David would produce two additional children before her untimely death on 1/2/85. Those children were Minnie I. (b. 1871) and Ida M. (b. 1876). Both were birthed in Michigan.

As noted by the birth state of the Poole daughters, sometime after the birth of Charles in 1868 the Pooles quitted New York and moved westward to Michigan. What had prompted the move is not known.

As of the 1870 U.S. Census the family was residing in Polkton Ottawa Co., MI. There, David listed is occupation as "blacksmith.”  The same held true a decade later, in 1880.

 Sadly, Jennie died in Polkton on 1/2/85. No details are available pertaining to her passing.

At some point in time following Jennie's death David left Michigan and moved to the forested wilds of the Puget Sound region of western Washington Territory/State. Here, he settled near the Snohomish County community of Granite Falls.  Whether any or all of his children accompanied him is not known.

Also not known is why David made the trek west. Perhaps, though, it was the lure of 160 acres of unspoiled land that could be acquired and homesteaded because he had served his country with his days of Civil War soldiering. That he did apply for such lands is evidenced by the fact that on 3/15/98 he was issued the patent (deed) to such a homestead.

David L. Poole was killed in a tragic accident which occurred on 7/1/02. According to an article in the Everett, Washington Daily Herald newspaper "David Poole of Granite Falls was killed by a plunging horse yesterday, while endeavoring to hold it by a leather strap. The animal reared, dashed over him, and injured him so severely that he died shortly afterward.  Coroner Bakeman was notified but did not deem it necessary to hold an inquest. The deceased was an elderly man."

Burial was/is in the Granite Falls American Legion Cemetery. 


Buried at American Legion Cemetery-Granite Falls

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