Civil War Veterans Buried In Washington State - Richard Tombaugh

Richard H. Tombaugh

Representing: Union

Unit History

  • 26th Battery Ohio Light Artillery
Richard Tombaugh
Family History

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Richard H Tombaugh

2 Mar 1846
Mahoning County, Ohio, USA
14 Aug 1932 (aged 86)
Retsil, Kitsap County, Washington, USA
Section 23, Plot 43
Memorial ID
Richard Tombaugh
Residence was not listed; 18 years old.
Enlisted on 2/24/1864 as a Private.
On 2/24/1864 he mustered into OH 26th Light Artillery
He was Mustered Out on 9/2/1865 at Tod Barracks, Columbus, OH
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Buried at Washington Old Soldiers Home Cemetery Retsil
Row: Section 23 Lot 43

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