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"There is no remembrance of former things, nor will there be remembrance of later things yet to happen to those who come after." - Ecclesiastes 1 - 11 RSV
Welcome to the Civil War Veterans Buried in Washington State website, a free service of The Washington Civil War Association. In the book JOSHUA CHAMBERLAIN A Hero's Life & Legacy, author John H. Pullen noted: "The tide that sweeps us towards oblivion is very powerful. It is perhaps not too much to assert that if a person or an event is not written about, after the passing of a generation or two, that person never lived; that event never happened." Cemeteries throughout Washington State contain headstones inscribed with names and dates of men who participated in our American Civil War. The tablets look as those in burial grounds adjacent to battlefields great and small where The War of The Rebellion was fought, but are different in one way: They beckon us toward the life stories of largely forgotten heroes and pioneers who survived four years of carnage and came west to carve communities out of the forest. The Civil War Veterans Buried in Washington State project helps tell their stories.
It has been said that in the decades after the War approximately sixteen thousand Civil War veterans applied for U.S. Government disability pensions while residing within Washington Territory/State. Also, approximately six thousand of those veterans are buried or otherwise interred within the state. The Civil War Veterans Buried in Washington State project does not claim to provide a complete listing of all veterans in that latter category. For information of that nature please see some of the websites linked to this one; sites such as Find A Grave, The Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War or The Sons of Confederate Veterans of the Civil War, etc.

What this not-for-profit project attempts to do is put a face on Civil War Veterans Buried in Washington State by providing a "birth to death" profile of their lives. To begin this task we have primarily focused on cemeteries located in Snohomish County, Washington. We know, however, that there are other researchers who have profiled Civil War veterans buried in their local area of the state. We hope those individuals will step forward and submit their works to this website so that others may share the fruits of their labors. There is no charge for this inclusion and the copy content remains the property of the writer.
For a history of the military unit/units in which a veteran served our primary source of information is The American Civil War Research Database. When creating personal/family profiles many sources are utilized: U.S. Government Civil War disability pension records, Civil War military service records, Civil War courts marshal records, homestead records, U.S. Census information, family historical data/lore, etc. If one would like, in a small way, to help defray the cost of obtaining these documents for one or more veterans, please see The Adopt-A-Vet location within this site.
Before closing, two points should be emphasized: Firstly, as with any endeavor undertaken by human beings, regardless of our attempt to get every detail correct, some mistakes will be made. As such, it is hoped that if some reader of one or more of these profiles finds an inaccuracy, they will notify us so that corrections can be made. Secondly, some of the biographical profiles created early in this project did not meet the standards of detail and depth of those being written today. Those biographies have been rewritten and expanded. We hope you will enjoy all the works presented herein.
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