Civil War Veterans Buried In Washington State - Fall City Cemetery

Fall City Cemetery

1/4 Mile East of Preston-Fall City RD
S.E. 47th Street
Fall City , King County, Washington

In the early 1870s, a nameless roomer died while staying with a family in what would later become Fall City and was buried on a knoll overlooking the town.  (The “Unknown Man” marker, originally a crude concrete slab, was replaced later by Jack Kelley.

The northern portion of the cemetery was traditionally used for Native American burials, and was deeded to the Snoqualmie Tribe in 1999.

Soon more folks began to be buried there, leading to the platting of the cemetery, one portion by the Fall City Cemetery Association in 1902 and the other by the Fall City International Order of Odd Fellows in 1903.  

Veterans Buried at Fall City Cemetery


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