Civil War Veterans Buried In Washington State - Saar Pioneer Cemetery

Saar Pioneer Cemetery

91st Street & South 212 Way
Kent, King County, Washington

October 1, 1873, former King County Councilman Peter Saar was unable to bury his wife Margaret Sarr when she died because there were no established community cemeteries in the White River Valley at that time so he buried her on a grassy knoll on their property. When neighbors and friends began passing away, they were given permission to be buried on Saar's homestead. This was the beginning the first cemetery in the White River Valley. During the next 76 years approximately 141 people including five Civil War Veterans buried at the homesteadd which is now called the Saar Pioneer Cemetery. The cemetery is surrounded on three sides by a Winco Foods parking lot and the fourth side is bounded by South 212th Street next to the Valley Freeway (State Hwy 167). Saar Pioneer Cemetery is a small cemetery surrounded by a black chain link fence. There are many people buried in Saar Pioneer Cemetery without a headstone.

Veterans Buried at Saar Pioneer Cemetery


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