Civil War Veterans Buried In Washington State - Ocean View Cemetery GAR Section

Ocean View Cemetery GAR Section

3127 West 18th St.
Port Angeles, Washington 98363

Ocean View Cemetery is owned and operated by the City of Port Angeles Parks & Recreation Department. The land for Ocean View Cemetery was acquired from the Federal Government largely through the efforts of Matilda C. (Dudley) Cooper. Mrs. Cooper started a petition in the early 1890s to secure land for the City to use as a cemetery. By 1894, the 54-acre cemetery was ready for business.

Cemetery History THE EARLY CEMETERY. Before 1894 Pioneer Cemetery in Port Angeles was established at Eight and Oak Streets, then on 14 Aug. 1894 the federal government gave 53 acres of land overlooking the Strait of Juan de Fuca to the city of Port Angeles. This area became Ocean View Cemetery. In 1940 the pioneer cemetery was moved to the present sight of the Ocean View Cemetery. Head stones, graves and other makers was moved up the hill. (It is believed that many of the graves was not disinterred but left with no head stones, and many of the stones was used in foundations in the city, but as I said, it is believed no fact.) The City now has responsibility for the operation of the cemetery.

Some of the first burials were in the early part of 1895. In what is known as the GAR (Grand Army of the Republic) area, Civil War Veterans and their families may have a plot without charge which is carried on to this very day.

Veterans Buried at Ocean View Cemetery GAR Section

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