Civil War Veterans Buried In Washington State - Lake View Cemetery Seattle

Lake View Cemetery Seattle

1554 15th Ave E
Seattle, King County, Washington 98112

If Thomas Mercer found his Eden on Queen Anne Hill, imagine how ten of Seattle's leading citizens felt when they acquired the land that was to become their beloved cemetery. Situated atop Capitol Hill, this beautiful hillcrest property was incorporated on October 16, 1872, only seven years after the Civil War. The Seattle Masonic Cemetery was set with surrounding views of Lake Union, the Cascades, Lake Washington and the Olympic Mountains.

In 1890, while Seattle's land and population were expanding, the cemetery officially changed its name to Lake View and soon found itself amidst a prosperous Capitol Hill neighborhood.

It's here we're reminded of Seattle's first families overcoming many adversities and their crucial pioneering efforts in urban development and renewal.

Through the ages we envision the extraordinary Borens, Dennys, Terrys and Bells, the nurturing and generous Dr. and Mrs. Maynard, the banker Dexter Horton and the New England refinement of Asa's "Mercer Girls".

Veterans Buried at Lake View Cemetery Seattle

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